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Tips to Choosing the Best Vehicle Service Contract

Of the entire process of buying a vehicle, choosing the right vehicle service contract is the most stressful, time-consuming and confusing. You should review the best vehicle service contract companies you can find and get a contract that will meet your anticipated needs, but what does that entail? Here is a brief tutorial to help you make your decision.

Ask Questions

Entering into an agreement with vehicle service contract companies is a major step in the vehicle buying process. Making sure you understand what it is you are agreeing to is the only way to make sure you get what you expect. The only way to do that is to ask questions and lots of them. The only dumb question is the one you did not ask, so make sure you are thorough. Any reputable company will be glad to answer your questions and provide you with more information than you need to make an informed decision.

Read the Small Print

Everyone has been told to thoroughly read a written contract since that type of agreement was conceived and almost everyone ignores that advice at some point. Reading the fine print in a contract is hard work because written bonds tend to be very boring, but reading every last word is vital! With a vehicle service contract, the tendency is to rely on vehicle service contract administrators to outline what the agreement entails and that is a mistake. Make sure you read the contract from start to finish and ask questions about anything you are not sure about.

Follow a Checklist

Make sure you understand as much about the warranty/contract you will be signing as possible. Understand the terms and who is covered, the type of repair work that is covered and any maintenance requirements. Review any deadlines or mileage benchmarks and map out the dispute resolution portion so you are not blindsided if you end up having a disagreement over what is covered and what is not. Verify where any work has to be completed and if you go with a third-party repair service (in an emergency,) what type of documentation is needed to have it applied against the warranty. Treat your agreement like an official, legally-binding contract and methodically work through it to ensure you know it inside and out.


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You Get What You Pay for

If the extended agreement sounds too good to be true, price wise, it probably is. Beware of a contract that is so inexpensive it makes no sense. The best advice is to walk away from anything offered at a bargain-basement price, but at the very least, you should do heavy research into the contract and find out why it is so cheap and if customers are happy with the contract. Another thing to be aware of is that inexpensive contracts often come with very high deductibles, sometimes so high that a person using it will never exceed their deductible unless they have a major repair to cover. Finally, lower cost contracts often have a lot of rules that must be followed to ensure coverage.

Picking out the right vehicle service contract requires due diligence, careful research, common sense and an understanding of what you need. Check out Freedom Warranty to get extended vehicle protection that is reliable and affordable.

Umbrella Protection

What’s the Difference between a Warranty and Extended Service Plan?

When you purchase a new vehicle, it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, but the dealer will usually also offer you an extended service plan. Many people are uncertain how the two differ. Should you get that extended vehicle protection plan? How’s it different from the warranty? Here’s what you need to know.

What They Cost

The warranty on your vehicle is built into the price of the car. An extended service plan will always come at an additional price. The exact cost of the extended plan will vary depending on which plan you decide to purchase (there are usually at least two options), and you can often get a better deal on the plans if you’re willing to do some negotiating with the dealer.

Who Covers It

Your vehicle’s warranty is provided and covered by the manufacturer. It is the manufacturer’s way of standing beside their product and guaranteeing that there will be no major issues with the vehicle within a certain time period. An extended service plan is typically provided and backed by the dealership or the company that you purchase the plan from.

Protecting Car

What It Includes

The manufacturer’s warranty usually has a very narrow scope of what it will cover. This typically includes major malfunctions with the vehicle’s power train and other primary functions. It may also include a more limited warranty covering any major issues on the vehicle, like door locks or windows malfunctioning.

An extended service plan will cover a lot more in relation to your vehicle’s functionality. Smaller parts of the vehicle not included in the warranty will often be included in a service plan. This means that if anything goes wrong with your car (barring damage inflicted to the vehicle) within the service plan’s period, the dealership will repair it free of charge.

How Long It Lasts

Most manufacturers’ warranties only last a handful of years, or up to a certain number of miles (whichever comes first). Different manufacturers will offer different warranties on the vehicle, so this may be worth researching if you’re in the market for a car. Often, there are two warranties included on your vehicle: a power train warranty and a bumper-to-bumper warranty. These have different time and mileage limitations on them.

An extended vehicle protection package does just what the name implies; it extends the protections on your vehicle, not only in the scope of what is covered, as mentioned above, but also in how long those protections last. So, if you’re going to be putting quite a few miles on your vehicle in a short amount of time, it’s usually worth the extra cost of getting a protection plan.

A vehicle is a major purchase, and it’s natural to want to limit the amount of money coming out of your pocket with such a large expense. But when you’re spending that much money on something, don’t you want to ensure that your investment is protected? When you consider all of the possible issues that could arise with your vehicle outside of the manufacturer’s warranty, it’s usually more than worth the cost of purchasing extended vehicle protection programs for your new car. Give the professionals at Freedom Warranty a call today to discuss your options.

Fraud Prevention

Protecting Yourself from Vehicle Protection Fraud

With the cost of new cars going up, up, up, more of us are keeping our vehicles for extended periods of time, even after the factory warranty has expired. A vehicle protection plan is a supplemental plan to the manufacturer’s warranty that protects consumers from costly repair bills. There are many companies that prey on unsuspecting consumers by selling fraudulent extended vehicle protection services. Here are ways to protect yourself from vehicle protection fraud.

Be Careful of Robo Calls
In recent years, more than $4 million was refunded to nearly 6,000 people from the Federal Trade Commission after they were tricked by robocalls peddling extended vehicle service contracts and portraying themselves as being affiliated with the vehicle’s manufacturer or the dealership of where the car was purchased. When individuals purchased the service over the phone, their refund submissions were ignored when their vehicles needed to be repaired. Robocallers may already have information about your vehicle or warranty which may lead you to assume they are credible.

Do Not Purchase Just because You Feel Pressured
There are many situations where consumers felt pressured into purchasing the extended vehicle service protection from vendors who called them. The consumers usually did not conduct any research and a large part of it was because of high-pressure sales tactics by the telemarketers. You should be skeptical of any telemarketer who tries to pressure you to make an instant decision.

Do Not Fall for Scare Tactics that You Receive in the Mail
Mailed documents that look genuine may be hard to distinguish. Often, marketers will portray their advertisements as frantic manufacturers or warnings from the DMV. You may see titles such as expiring auto warranty or final notice. This is designed to facilitate action on your part to call the number for more information.

Request an Exclusionary Policy
Exclusionary policies provide a list of what is not covered if something breaks in or on your vehicle. With inclusionary policies, you only receive a list of items that the policy covers.

Don't Give Personal Information over the Phone
If the caller is asking for your credit card number, social security number, or any other personal information, they must send you more detailed information about what they are trying to sell you.

Utilize the BBB and FTC
If you receive a call from a telemarketer that is selling extended warranties, it’s best to conduct a brief search on the Better Business Bureau website to get insight into their reputation. If you were subjected to purchasing a fraudulent extended warranty, then you have the option to file a report with the Federal Trade Commission.

If you would like more information on vehicle warranties, give the experts at Freedom Warranty a call.

Car on Road

Reasons You Need an Extended Vehicle Warranty

Your car or truck will experience a mechanical problem sooner or later. A dashboard light will blink out, an engine part component will wear down, or a door latch will fail to open. Something will go wrong in your vehicle that will result in a trip to a repair shop and a sizable repair bill.

Today’s cars, trucks and sport utility vehicles are more mechanically and technologically complex than their predecessors. Many late-model vehicles are equipped with push-button ignition, navigation systems, and smart technology that tells you if there is someone in your blind spot or slows your vehicle automatically if you get too close to the one ahead of you. No one who buys a vehicle today thinks ahead about the expense involved if one of these high-tech systems fail.

One option for car buyers is to purchase an extended protection plan that covers the cost of unexpected repairs to your pre-owned vehicle. Here are three reasons why an extended vehicle protection provider is essential for your investment.

Extended Warranty Benefits
Most pre-owned cars, trucks or sport utility vehicles are sold “as is”, meaning as the buyer, you're responsible for any repairs. The older the vehicle, the more likely you will have repairs after the original warranty has expired. Extended vehicle protection programs offer owners the peacefulness that repairs to their vehicle are covered beyond the original warranty period.

Return on Investment
You're likely to finance a late model pre-owned car, which means committing to four or five years of payments. An extended vehicle protection plan covers most mechanical problems for an additional number or months and miles. Your vehicle will operate longer and provide a greater return on your investment.

Money Saver
We mentioned earlier the high-tech systems now standard in many late-model cars and trucks. Keyless entry, remote starting, and other systems can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to fix once the warranty expires. This is where extended vehicle protection plans are the most useful, as a money-saving repair option.

Next to your home, the choice of a car or truck is the most important financial investment you could make. A coverage plan from a reputable extended vehicle protection provider ensures that when things in your vehicle stop working, you can get the repairs done and get back on the road. Give the experts at Freedom Warranty a call.


How Purchasing a Vehicle Protection Plan Saves You Money

The purchase of a car is one of the most important financial investments you will make. The body style, performance, gas mileage, comfort and safety are deciding factors in your choice of a car, truck or sport utility vehicle. You also want a vehicle that you expect will last you a long time.

A factory warranty will cover repairs for a limited length of time. The out-of-pocket costs to repair a mechanical or electrical issue can be substantial, especially when your vehicle’s warranty expires. One option that can save you money in the long run is an extended vehicle protection plan.

Warranties typically are from third-party providers that market their products to owners of vehicles well past their warranty date who are looking for some extra coverage. Choosing the best extended vehicle protection plan means doing some research to determine which best fits your needs. Here are a couple of reasons why extended vehicle protection plans are worth the money.

Closing the Repair Gap

Many dealerships offer extended vehicle protection plans as an option to be included in the purchase price of a pre-owned, late-model vehicle. Many buyers are unaware of how close the vehicle factory warranty is to its expiration date. The extended vehicle protection plan closes the gap in repair coverage created by an expired factory warranty.

Longer Protection
Even with access to vehicle history reports, the more miles a car has, the more likely a part or electronic system will fail. An extended vehicle protection plan covers your vehicle for tens of thousands of additional miles and months of driving, which means less money in repair costs and peace of mind for the owner during the coverage period.

Is It Worth It?
You may ask yourself at the dealership if an extended vehicle protection plan is worth the money. Cars, trucks and sport utility vehicles are built better and last longer, and some new car warranties cover powertrain repairs for up to 100,000 miles. On the other hand, you can expect to pay more in repairs as your car ages.

Your choice of the best extended vehicle protection plan will depend on your situation. It helps to research your vehicle’s reliability record, and take into consideration your driving habits and annual mileage. You should also research the estimated maintenance cost for your vehicle over time. In the end, your choice of the best extended vehicle protection plan will come down to how it can save your money in future repair costs. Contact Freedom Warranty to learn more!

Freedom Warranty Introduces COMPLETE Manufacturer’s Extension VSC

Responding to a recommendation from the company's Dealer Advisory Council of franchise and independent automobile dealers nationwide,  Freedom Warranty will now offer a COMPLETE Manufacturer’s Extension (CME) option to its top-of-the-line Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) product. Vehicles 10 years old or less with under 80K miles are eligible.

Chris Miller, Freedom Warranty's Chief Executive Officer, said the new product option enhances the value of the company's COMPLETE Vehicle Protection Plan. "The CME option offers huge savings versus a traditional VSC. The CME is an odometer expiration contract with coverage expiring at 100k or 125k. Terms include 60, 72 or 84 months, and all terms start on the day the contract is written and not the vehicle in-service date. Furthermore, the vehicle does not currently have to be under the manufacturer's warranty. The value of the product is virtually incomparable," Miller explained.

"We always listen closely to our Dealer Advisory Council and they have been talking about this product add-on for a while. We're excited to introduce it just in time for first quarter 2019."


The CME option adds the Entertainment Package, Sensor Upgrade, Suspension Upgrade, and Enhanced Labor Rate without the usual surcharges. In addition, the list of exclusions is greatly reduced making the CME one the most comprehensive contracts in the industry. The CME gives your customer superior coverage at a competitive price.

The CME gives dealers the opportunity to offer a manufacturer’s Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) type product. Authorized Freedom Warranty Dealers with access to the company's proprietary online dashboard, can generate custom quotes for buyers and demonstrate the new option.

Freedom Warranty Complete Manufacturer's Extension Option


Freedom Warranty is a privately-held company that operates in 25 states and the District of Columbia and sells its VSC products through automotive dealerships, repair facilities, and financial institutions. The company’s corporate office and customer service team is based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Visit online at www.FreedomWarranty.com or call (423) 212-7445.

News from Freedom Warranty

Delivering Customer Satisfaction

Last year, Freedom Warranty made a commitment to its clients: To dramatically improve Customer Satisfaction. One year later, that promise is being kept with major improvements to Overall Customer Happiness.

A comprehensive plan that included educating and motivating department managers and agents has resulted in a composite satisfaction score of 4-stars on consumer review websites.

Specifically, Google Business Reviews added one-and-a half stars (from a low 2-stars) to the composite rating of 3.1 stars. The Better Business Bureau increased by 20-percent to a total 4.74 out of 5 possible.

"Our industry is tough when it comes to customer satisfaction," said Freedom Warranty's new CEO, Chris Miller. "Contracts can be complex and lead to lots of misunderstandings about coverage, but in the end when a customer files a claim they want to be confident that they will be treated with respect and a sense of urgency. That's where we can turn a negative into a positive."

Long Term Effects

Miller admits that it can take months, if not years, to reverse the damage of bad reviews and unhappy customers. "Our dealers and sales agents depend on us to deliver on their promises to customers. We take that very seriously."

Social media and online reviews can have a powerful impact on the marketplace. Putting an emphasis on resolving consumer complaints requires complex coordination between the dealer network, customer service agents and claims teams.

Team Leadership

"Everybody has to be onboard when it comes to improving service. From the dealer making coverages clear to the customer, to how our customer service agents help contract holders do business with us, to how we handle claims," said Miller.

The gains made over the last 12 months mean keeping a constant attention to keep the ratings level and for any improvement, and Miller understands it is a constant challenge to maintain and improve ratings.

"We are laser-focused on customer satisfaction as we continue on the journey to becoming a leading provider and administrator of vehicle service contracts in the industry," said Miller.

News from Freedom Warranty

FWIS 2.0 Adds New Customer Portal

FWIS Version 2.0 Release Debuts Major Upgrade and New Customer Portal

Freedom Warranty launched version 2.0 of its innovative proprietary, interactive cloud-based client application, the Freedom Warranty Integrated System, on March 26.

FWIS - Online Dealer Management Tool

The FWIS Dashboard is the most extensive and easy-to-use online dealer management tool in the Vehicle Service Contract industry.

Freedom Warranty vice-president and project executive, Chris Miller, said the latest version takes client and customer management to the next level.

"Version 2.0 is a major upgrade that we have been working on for several months. It is a robust set of tools engineered from the ground up to make it easier than ever to use—for our dealer clients and now, for customers, too."

Customer Portal Gives Contract Holder Easy Access

Giving access to contract holders with a simple-to-use online dashboard allows them to get details of their coverage, communicate with customer service representatives, monitor claims progress, and make financed contract payments using familiar gateways.

"Our primary goal was to respond to our dealers' needs in allowing buyers to get the information they need without using the dealership as a intermediary," said Chris Miller. Customers are assigned login credentials as part of the on-boarding process following a sale.

The cloud-based service is accessed through a standard Internet browser.

After a secure login, customers are able to view and edit profile information, communicate with the Freedom Warranty Customer Service Team, and monitor any active claims.

About Freedom Warranty

Freedom Warranty is the fastest-growing Vehicle Service Contract company in the nation, doing business in 19 states with independent and franchise dealers. Based in Chattanooga, TN the company has a 100-percent U.S.-based customer support team.


Christopher Miller Named Chief Executive Officer

Freedom Warranty News Release
Christopher D. Miller

To support its continued growth, Freedom Warranty, LLC today announced the appointment of Christopher D. Miller as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), effective immediately. The announcement was made by John P. Skelton, President.

As Chief Executive Officer, Miller is tasked with directing the company’s aggressive growth plan this year and next. “Chris has been a driving force behind Freedom Warranty’s triple-digit growth over the past two years,” said Skelton. “His understanding of each part of our operation makes him the perfect choice to provide guidance for our company in the coming months.” Miller joined the company in 2015 and was named Vice President in 2017.

“In 2017 we expanded the company’s reach to include 21 states and the District of Columbia,” said Miller. “This year we will add an additional 15 states and expect to be in all 50 states by the end of 2019, if not sooner.”

Miller said the company’s growth in the Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) space is due to its commitment to superior service across all contact points. “We are very focused on training and elevating communications with clients and customers alike. For every issue there is a resolution; and for every solution there is positive change,” said Miller.

The company is slated to introduce several new products this year. “As a closely-held company we are flexible, with the ability to quickly adapt to market needs and trends,” Miller added.

Freedom Warranty is the administrator and obligor of every VSC product it sells through its Authorized Agents, automotive dealerships and service providers. The company’s corporate office and customer service team is based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. For additional information about Freedom Warranty visit online at www.freedomwarranty.com or contact the Office of Corporate Communications at (423) 680-6272 or send email to marketing@freedomwarranty.com.

Complete Plan Gets New Options for Sensors-Suspension

Freedom Warranty Product Update

Contract Coverage Changes Add Extra Incentive for Customers to Choose COMPLETE Plan Coverage

Today, Freedom Warranty announced that it has expanded coverage in its COMPLETE Vehicle Service Contract. The change went into effect on April 6, 2018.

According to Freedom Warranty General Sales Manager Eric Steven, changes in the contract terms now allow coverage for sensors and controlled adjustable height/ride dampening systems. "We are constantly listening to our Dealer clients and their ideas about how to improve our VSC products. We agreed that this change would make the COMPLETE Plan even more attractive."

SECTION 2: What is Covered and What is Not Covered

Sensors and Controlled adjustable height/ride dampening systems (air or hydraulic), shocks, and struts are covered if the vehicle was 7 years old or less at the time of purchase of this contract and the odometer does not read over 100,000 miles at the time of failure.


Authorized Agents and Dealers can find and download the latest updated documents, sales collateral, and other marketing assets at the Freedom Warranty Marketing portal.