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The Mid-Atlantic Freedom Group is a large F&I agency serving retail, recreation and leisure industry companies and clients. Its sister company is Shenny Enterprises, a renown entertainment agency.

MAFG aligned with Freedom Warranty in 2016 to provide industry leading F&I services, products and plans to automotive dealers and dealerships. "Freedom Warranty is always revolutionizing the industry in terms of VSC's, GAP, ancillary product offerings, financing and more," a spokesperson for MAFG stated. “It goes along quite well with everything else we and any other of our affiliated companies do in and out of the automotive industry.”

"There is nothing like it on the market from an all-encompassing end”, MAFG owner J. Gregory Shenenberger said.

Freedom Warranty has 5 core programs.

The CME plan may be sold on anything up to 10 years old and under 80k miles on it. The CME is available for 5, 6 and 7 additional years with an odometer expiration of 100k (optional 125k), and it comes with the majority of plan options included.  It is marketed as the next best thing to a manufacturer’s warranty.

The Complete exclusionary plan is the same 10/80k, with additional years, but a dealer can tack on as many as an additional 100k over a 1-7 year period.  Adding plan options is ala carte.

The Drive comprehensive plan is good for anything up to 15 years old and with less than 150k currently on the odometer. 1 to 5 year options.

The Vital powertrain plan is good for anything up to 20 years and up to 200k starting miles. Plans from 3 months to 5 years.

The Classic plan covers vehicles back to 1929.  It also covers resto-mods.

For dealers whose customers need payment flexibility, the Freedom Warranty VSC Financing program is available to them.  No credit check, 0%.  Freedom Warranty manages the payments, leaving dealers with a hassle-free warranty financing program.

MAFG partners with and services of new, used and consignment dealers in the American, Asian, Euro, salvage, and exotic vehicle markets, and also supports classic dealers. “The fact that a dealer can cover any make and model ever manufactured from 20 years old to brand new, regardless of whether it is factory brand, a domestic, an import, a luxury or an exotic model, is extremely impressive.  Then they kick it to a deeper level to cover classic vehicles.”

"Some of the biggest attractions to offering Freedom Warranty to dealers is that absolutely any vehicle up to 20 years old and up to 200,000 miles is eligible for coverage. Their portal is easy to use, with no confusion for dealers or their customers. Transparency is a big key with Freedom Warranty, and was one of the many reasons we aligned with them. There was no need for discussion to do so many years ago, and a no-brainer to continue offering their product lines today, tomorrow and going forward."