We offer Extended Manufacturer’s Warranty Protection for All Makes and All Models.

Freedom Warranty offers a Vehicle Service Contract that’s right for you, with a choice of terms and coverage that meets your individual needs.

A straightforward, easy-to-understand contract that details everything covered on your vehicle, what to do in case of a breakdown, and how to submit your claim and get your vehicle back on the road.

You can have confidence in Freedom Warranty. We are one of the fastest-growing service contract companies in America, and we are dedicated to giving you all that you pay for with your extended manufacturers’ warranty, without the hassle.

Every plan includes added-extra benefits and services that other plans may not offer, including Rental Car Coverage, Roadside Assistance,  a 24-hour Toll-Free Nationwide Helpline, Unlimited Claims, the right to Choose your Repair Facility, and the ability to Transfer any Remaining Coverage on your contract with the sale of your vehicle.

Certain conditions apply. See your car service contract for details.

Freedom Warranty's COMPLETE Manufacturer's Warranty Extension is for vehicles Up to 10 Years Old and Less Than 80,000 Miles.

Items covered by this plan

Entertainment Package
Enhanced Labor Rate
Suspension Upgrade
Sensor Upgrade
Transfer Case
Drive Axle
Air Conditioning
Fuel System
Power Steering
Seals and Gaskets
Freedom Warranty offers added benefits with every contract at no additional cost.