Your vehicle is one of your most valuable assets. You likely spent a pretty penny purchasing it, so ensuring it’s properly protected is incredibly important. Whether your car suddenly breaks down or it requires some simple maintenance, you need to have a vehicle protection plan in place to help you cover the expenses. There’s no shortage of vehicle extended warranty programs that can help you in your time of need, but the best programs come from dedicated professionals who work with your best interests in mind.

At Freedom Warranty, we know you want the best extended vehicle protection plans that don’t have the low-mileage requirements of traditional new vehicle extended warranty plans. Our used car warranties are designed for vehicles from 10 years old up to and beyond 20 years.

People continue to drive cars for many years past the 10-year mark for any number of reasons and used car warranty protection gives drivers peace of mind that they won’t be stuck in park because of expensive vehicle repairs.

The extended 10 and 20 year car warranty protection we offer our customers addresses the specific repair needs of older vehicles.

Our vehicle assurance extended warranty packages cover repairs that affect the engine, the drive axle, the transmission, air-conditioning, and more. In addition, our extended vehicle warranty coverage also covers rental car costs and roadside assistance because we know the best vehicle extended warranty protects the customer, not just the vehicle.

Are you searching for an extended vehicle protection package for luxury vehicles and classic cars? Freedom Warranties’ extended vehicle warranty plans cover all makes and models of vehicles, including economy and classic vehicles. All of our plans, such as the vehicle one extended warranty, also include 24-hour assistance and the ability to transfer the extended vehicle service protection.

Freedom Warranty takes pride in offering straightforward new and used car warranty prices with no hidden fees. The extended vehicle protection cost to our customers is fair and highly inclusive. When you need affordable, comprehensive extended vehicle protection services, contact Freedom Warranty at (877) 249-4186.