Freedom Warranty Ride PowerSports

Get Coverage You Can Depend On

Exclusively for New and Used PowerSports Vehicles and Personal Watercraft

Freedom Warranty's Ride Program offers a PowerSports Service Contract for New and Used Vehicles and Personal Watercraft.

When you're ready for adventure, it's time to ride. Hundreds of things can go wrong with your equipment and spoil the fun. Keeping your vehicle or personal watercraft in good shape with proper maintenance is an investment in staying on (or off) the road. Mechanical breakdowns can be expensive. A Freedom Warranty Extended Service Contract covers repairs of many common issues and gets you back up and running. Ask your dealer about adding Freedom Warranty coverage for protection you can count on.

Freedom Warranty's RIDE PowerSports Extended Protection Plan is for New and Used Vehicles and Personal Watercraft

Items covered by Freedom Warranty's Ride PowerSports Extended Protection Plan

  Engine   Electrical
  Transmission   Fuel System
  Transfer Case   Brakes
  Cooling   Power Steering
Drive Axle   Turbo/Supercharger
  Air Conditioning   Suspension
  Air Conditioning   Seals & Gaskets

Applicable Items NOT Covered

•Brake Pads/Rotors •Catalytic Converter •Cosmetic Issues •Light Bulbs •Oil Changes •Seat Belts/Airbags •Tires/Pressure Sensors •Tire Rotations •Transmission Flushes •Upholstery •Windows/Windshield •Manual Clutch

*See service contract for complete details. Prices subject to change.