If I have a contract with Freedom Warranty, who pays any approved claim?

Not every company that sells extended vehicle service contracts (VSC) issues the contract, or is responsible for paying any approved claims. Freedom Warranty manages every VSC it approves and is responsible for handling any legitimate claim submitted. You always deal directly with Freedom Warranty from the time your contract has been accepted, through any approved claims, to completion of repairs.

Is Freedom Warranty a direct provider?

Freedom Warranty is a direct provider of Extended Vehicle Service Contracts (VSC) most often purchased by buyers of used vehicles whose manufacturer’s warranty is near its expiration, or has expired. Many well-know brand names selling “warranties” are actually brokers, who take no responsibility for managing the contract or paying any claims. Brokers get a fee for each customer who visits their website or responds to a television or radio commercial, or print ad. They then sell those leads to other companies.

How is Freedom Warranty different from other companies that offer similar products?

You have probably noticed lots of television ads offering Vehicle Service Contracts (VSC)—usually referred to as extended car warranties. Most of those ads are run by “brokers.” They sell VSC products but don’t approve, administer, or manage claims. They are just resellers. Freedom Warranty is an independent company that sells, manages and is responsible for all of its products—sold direct online at its website, or by authorized auto dealers, certified repair facilities, established lenders, and accredited insurance agencies.

What is the difference between a warranty and a vehicle service contract?

Freedom Warranty provides Vehicle Service Contracts (VSC).  A VSC is not a warranty.

The general public understands the concept of buying coverage to offset costs of repair and replacement, and terms like “warranty” and “extended warranty” are used extensively for marketing purposes only. In fact, what is being sold is not a warranty.

Freedom Warranty offers Vehicle Service Contracts (VSC) that provide protection against repairs that may not be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty once it expires. VSC’s are offered to provide extended protection for some of the most expensive parts of a vehicle.