Extended Vehicle Protection Plan

Debunking Extended Vehicle Protection Plan Myths

An extended vehicle protection plan is extremely valuable, but many people are hesitant to get one. Why? Because there are plenty of myths floating around online and being repeated constantly in face to face conversations. This article will shed light on common myths about extended vehicle protection plans.

Extension Plans Are Too Expensive

One of the most prevalent myths about extended vehicle protection plans is that they will cost too much and be a waste of money. While protection plans can cost a lot up front, many providers offer payment plans, which can be easier to manage. You will save a ton on repairs over time, and the plan will start to pay off starting with your first major repair bill. Plus, several extended protection plans include roadside assistance and rental assistance if your car breaks down or is in the shop.

Plans Are Sold Only at Dealerships

This is a misconception. You can only buy extended service contracts from dealerships. While they sound the same and offer the same benefits, an extended vehicle protection plan is actually a useful alternative to an extended service contract. Fortunately for you, there are a large number of providers around the U.S. that you can buy top vehicle protection plans from. This means your options aren’t limited to the dealership you bought your car from. You can explore other providers and find one that offers the benefits you need at a price you can afford.

Plans Are Identical

A lot of people are under the impression that all extended protection plans are the same. The truth is that dealerships and providers offer several plans with different prices, coverage, benefits, and features.  The type of coverage you receive depends on many factors. One is how much you are willing to pay. The more money you spend, the more coverage you’ll receive. Other factors include the state you live in, along with the make, model, year, and mileage of your vehicle. The best thing to do is shop around until you find the best extended vehicle protection plan for you.

Protection Plan Myths

I Don’t Need a Protection Plan

The thinking behind this myth is that, if you already have an extended service contract, you don’t need a vehicle protection plan that’s extended. The problem is that the extended service contract you get when you buy a vehicle has year and mileage limits which can expire fairly quickly, leaving you on your own. Adding an extended vehicle protection plan on top of an extended service contract will give you more coverage, for a longer amount of time, and at more affordable rates.  An extended protection plan is a worthwhile investment because you will get peace of mind knowing your vehicle and finances will be covered during an emergency and when in need of repairs. Contact Freedom Warranty today learn more about the facts behind common extended protection plan myths.