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The Concerns of an Expired Vehicle Warranty

When you first buy a new vehicle, it’s easy to take the warranty for granted. After all, if you have any issue, your local dealership is easily able to resolve the problem. It seems simply enough, and it alleviates many of your worries. By the time your warranty eventually expires, you’ve likely put quite a few miles on the vehicle. It’s easy to panic and think that vehicle extended warranty programs provide the only solution, but this isn’t true.

For dealerships and businesses this is even more troubling. You have dozens of vehicles or more to worry about, and passing on a protection plan is a great way to establish confidence with buyers. While warranties have their place and are certainly nice to have, they aren’t the only way to ensure protection for your vehicles.


Everyone is familiar with a basic warranty. Anyone who has ever purchased a new car received a warranty to go along with it, which saves you a lot of time and trouble. For used car dealerships and other businesses, this isn’t quite as simple. Some vehicles may have many thousands of miles on them. This is especially true with work vehicles, since they tend to accrue mileage incredibly quickly. A single work truck or van could see a thousand miles or more in just a couple weeks. After a year or two of extensive use, most warranties would be expired. Naturally, this means you want to know what other options are available.

Extended or Expired

It’s often assumed that extended warranties are the only way to go. They’re advertised so consistently that this is an easy assumption to make, and an extended warranty isn’t without benefits. However, it’s important to look at the fine print. Most extend warranty plans have severe limitations, and they might not even be offered for vehicles with considerable mileage or after a certain number of years.

Every warranty inevitably expires, but this isn’t the end of the world. Other companies are happy to provide an aftermarket service contract. There’s a wide array of these protection plans, and there’s bound to be one or two that interest you. Even high mileage or older vehicles can be covered. Depending on the protection plan, it may offer coverage for vehicles with 10-thousand, 15-thousand, or more than 20-thousand miles. Classic vehicles can receive protection as well.

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Protection Plans

Not all protection plans are created equally, and some are better than others depending upon your needs. It’s a good idea to discuss the details and find the ideal coverage option. A complete protection plan is obviously quite comprehensive, but it usually won’t be available for a vehicle that’s over 20 years old. On the other hand, a classics plan would work.

For older vehicles with high mileage, a drive plan covers practically everything you could need, and comes with roadside assistance and a rental vehicle. As as added bonus, it’s transferable when you sell the vehicle. This is ideal for dealerships, since it’s something you can provide to your customers as an added bonus when a standard manufacturer’s warranty would long since be expired.

Ultimately, you have to make the decision that’s right for you and your business. Contact Freedom Warranty LLC at (877) 249-4186 to learn more and get information about the various protection plans that are offered. Vehicle extended warranty programs aren’t the only option when it comes to providing quality, affordable coverage for your vehicles.