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Things to Expect from Your Extended Vehicle Service Contract

When your customers drive one of your cars off the lot, you want them driving away satisfied and assured they made the best choice. Other than providing top notch customer service from the first point of contact, what else can you do? Consider offering a service that goes beyond handing over the keys. Most customers appreciate the opportunity to purchase added service protection. Here’s what your customers should expect when opting for an extended vehicle service contract.

Help Whenever and Wherever

Cars rarely need repairs at convenient times. Although it would be wonderful if issues only came up from 9-5, how often does that happen? It’s what happens after dark or on the weekend that causes the most stress for car owners. When you offer customers a service contract, they can rest assured they’ll get help from a live person at any time of the day or night. And if they’re not right around the corner from your dealership, they can still get assistance. That means whether they’re in another town or another state, their service plan will work for them.

Roadside Assistance Is on the Way

Your customers already like you, otherwise they wouldn’t have trusted you with their vehicle purchase. They’ll love you when you assure them you won’t leave them stranded on the side of the road. No one plans for a car to breakdown but when it happens, the stress can be mitigated when a customer knows they have access to roadside assistance. They simply call the 24-hour telephone number provided in their contract. Again, they’ll receive assistance no matter what time of day, or their location when they need help.

No Worries about the Fine Print

We’ve all seen those contracts that are multiple pages with print so small it takes a magnifying glass to read. Then once you can home in on the content, it’s full of jargon and rules and regulations that are often difficult to decipher. The best extended vehicle service contract will be easy for every customer to understand and will clearly define what’s covered and what isn’t. Keep in mind, when a customer needs to review their contract it will usually be when they’re under the stress of dealing with a vehicle breakdown. Give them a contract that’s easy to read and gives a set of instructions on what they should do when they’re ready to file a claim.

Roadside Assistance

Keep Your Customer on the Road

Customers understand that certain repairs can take more than a day. They also know a vehicle problem can bring life to halt. Extended vehicle service contract companies understand this too. That’s why they build rental car coverage into the contract. Instead of worrying how they’ll get to work or school, the client knows they can count on you to help keep them on the road until their own car is repaired.

Give Clients Freedom

Most car owners have a favorite auto shop where they take their car for routine maintenance and repairs. One frustrating things about service contracts is that they often restrict the customer to using only approved repair shops. No one likes being told they can’t choose the mechanic who works on their car. Your customers won’t have to worry about that because you’ll give them the freedom to choose where they take their vehicle for service. One more way your dealership can keep customers happy and loyal.

If you’re ready to give your customers an added incentive to keep doing business with you, we’re here to help. Contact Freedom Warranty, LLC. Let us help you find the best extended service contracts for your clients.