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Things You Should Look for in a Vehicle Service Plan

An extended vehicle service protection plan is more than just nice to have. For a dealership, maintenance and repairs are part of doing business, and you’re always looking for a way to cut down on costs and save money. With a great extended vehicle protection package, you may be able to get everything you want from a single service provider. This is why it’s so essential that you compare and contrast vehicle service plans to see what you can get for the money. You may be pleasantly surprised.


Any reputable service provider should be able to handle as much as possible on their end. You won’t be required to jump through too many hoops or provide unnecessary information. For a dealership with a number of vehicles that may need coverage, putting together a laundry list of details can be exhausting and tedious. Anonymous quotes are sometimes offered, and this can be a huge time saver. You simply put in the make, model, and year of the vehicle to get an initial quote. Be wary of high-pressure tactics or pushy salespeople. A quality service provider knows they offer excellent coverage at a competitive price. They don’t need to resort to strong-arming customers.

Payment Process

As a general rule, you should stay away from companies that issue a check that you then have to take to the mechanic. Additionally, you don’t want to be reimbursed after the fact. This gives you extra steps that you could otherwise avoid. It also takes more time, and you run the risk of needing to fight your coverage provider for full reimbursement. A direct-payment process is always your best bet. If you have any questions, be sure to speak with the service company about how they handle their payments.

Variety of Plans

A variety of plans may give you plenty of options, but you need to examine them carefully to see if they’re false choices. If you see a dozen or more offers all within a few dollars of each other, go somewhere else. It’s a gimmick to make it look like they have plenty of programs available. If you see extended vehicle protection packages that are too cheap to be believed, there are probably hidden exclusions, exceptions, and omissions.

Typically, you want to steer clear of protection plans that are incredibly inexpensive, as well as ones that are outrageously costly. The expensive packages give you the coverage that you don’t need, and the ones that are remarkably inexpensive simply don’t provide enough coverage. As a result, they’re not worth having.

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Prices and Exclusions

Yes, prices and exclusions will vary. There are always areas that aren’t covered under the protection service that you purchased, but the basics need to be included. After all, that’s the whole point of paying for extended protection in the first place. You want to cut back on your spending, not pay for premiums and deductibles that give you nothing in return. A reputable service provider outlines what is and isn’t covered upfront. You don’t have to hunt down the details. This is a telltale sign of working with a professional company.

If a vehicle breaks down and needs repairs, will the plan pay for a tow to the mechanic? Is the mechanic paid directly? Who coordinates the repairs and payment? Get them to walk you through the process before agreeing to anything. You should feel confident in the protection program even before you have any need to use it.

With a quality provider and plan for extended vehicle service protection, you can rest assured that your vehicles are in good hands. Speak with Freedom Warranty at (877) 249-4186 to learn all about their various protection plans, so you can decide on what’s right for you and your business.