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Understanding How the Extended Vehicle Protection Plan Works

People are driving their cars longer than ever before. Thanks to high-quality automobiles and the expense that comes with buying a new car, drivers are getting more years and performance out of their vehicles than was once common. While today’s automobiles last longer, there are added expenses to maintaining a car as it gets older. Once the vehicle has passed the manufacturer’s warranty, it’s no longer protected, so many drivers find it a good idea to purchase an extended vehicle protection plan. If you’re confused as to how extended vehicle protection programs work, here are some of the facts.

Standard Factory Warranty

All new cars come with some kind of standard factory warranty. This warranty covers a limited amount of years and mileage but helps guarantee that the car a buyer is purchasing isn’t a lemon. The buyer will be covered from all repairs stemming from mechanical failures and the like, but only within the narrow time and mileage frame listed in the warranty. If they want to extend the warranty beyond these limits via an outside company, then this would be considered an extended vehicle protection plan, and it’s the only way to ensure a car is covered once the standard factory warranty is no longer applicable.

Added Protection

Your customers will always want as much coverage as possible. The problem is the manufacturer’s warranty can only cover so much. When a customer adds extended vehicle protection plan onto their car, they won’t have to dread the day the warranty comes to an end. If their car needs repair, they can take it to whichever mechanic or service center they like, providing them with extra flexibility. Once a mechanic has diagnosed the problem, they’ll relay the information to the coverage provider, leaving the customer to only pay the deductible, depending on the kind of coverage they have. Making the process even simpler, some companies include options such as 24-hour roadside assistance and rental car coverage should their car have to stay overnight. Customers appreciate the extra measure of pro-tection options like these provide.

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Additional Factors

As with any other kind of insurance, the type of car someone drives and how they drive it will determine the cost of the extended vehicle protection plan. For starters, the newer the car, the more they can get covered. Let your customers know that if they want the best extended coverage, purchasing a plan sooner is better than waiting until later. Also, if they can keep their yearly mileage low, that’ll help them obtain better coverage, and keeping their car maintained with regularly scheduled oil and fluid changes will protect the vehicle while demonstrating to their coverage provider that they’re a conscientious driver.

Very few people drive their car until their manufacturer’s warranty is up and then replace it immediately by buying a new car. The only way to drive an older car with the same security and confidence as a new car is with additional coverage, and dealerships can benefit by offering their customers the protection they’re looking for.

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