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Freedom Warranty Names 2019 Award Winners for Sales and Service Achievement

(Chattanooga, Tenn.) Freedom Warranty has announced the winners of its annual Sales and Service Awards, a program that recognizes excellence and achievement by the company's staff and sales team. The event was held at the Westin Hotel in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Corporate staff winners are selected based on service quality metrics and sales team winners chosen based on achievement of annual goals.

"Our company has doubled in size over the past two years through a lot of hard work by our corporate staff and national sales team," said Chris D. Miller, chief executive officer of Freedom Warranty. "Freedom Warranty's entire business is dependent on delivering on our commitment to 5-star product value and customer service. That can only be achieved when every member of our team is working towards that single goal."

The 2019 Freedom Warranty Sales Awards winners are:

Top Producer (Gross Sales)

  1. Steve Krahmer, Illionis Regional Sales Rep.
  2. Brad & Sherri Henry, Ohio Regional Sales Rep.
  3. Todd Langley, Michigan Regional Sales Rep.

Top Producer (Contracts Written)

  1. Greg Shenenberger, Mid-Atlantic Freedom Group, Pennsylvania/Delaware
  2. Steve Krahmer, Illinois Regional Sales Rep.
  3. Brad & Sherri Henry, Ohio Regional Sales Rep.

Top Producer (New Clients)

  1. Todd Langley, Michigan Regional Sales Rep.
  2. Chuck Hague, New Jersey Regional Sales Rep.
  3. Matthew O'Brien, Missouri Regional Rep.

Corporate Staff (Chattanooga Office)

Katie Oliver, Excellence in Customer Service
Stephanie Nealey, Excellence in Team Support

About Freedom Warranty

Freedom Warranty is a privately-held company that operates in over two dozen states as obligor and administrator of vehicle service contract products through automotive dealerships, licensed repair facilities, and financial institutions. The company’s corporate office and customer service team is based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Visit online at FreedomWarranty.com, call (423) 212-7445 or send email to contactus@freedomwarranty.com.


Spencer Boyd video

Spencer Boyd Finishes 1st at Talladega with Freedom Warranty

Spencer Boyd at age 24 takes his first trip to Victory Lane at Talladega Speedway on October 12, 2019.

Spencer Boyd backed by Freedom Warranty took the Young’s Motorsports Chevrolet Silverado No. 20 to Victory Lane at Talladega for his first NASCAR win on Saturday, October 12, 2019.

Just two weeks ago, Freedom Warranty signed on as a sponsor for Spencer Boyd‘s run at Talladega Speedway in The Sugarlands Shine 250 truck race. The timing was perfect. Boyd took a win—his first NASCAR top-slot.

“Two weeks ago I wasn’t running this race, and we put this thing together with our sponsors..it’s been a long season, it’s been a lot of fun!”

Spencer Boyd

The 24-year old Boyd won the race after Johnny Sauter violated the double yellow line rule on the final lap of the race held as part of the NASCAR Gander Outdoors Truck Series.

Freedom Warranty chief executive officer, Chris Miller, was at Saturday’s race to see Boyd celebrate on victory lane. “Spencer has been working towards this win since he was six years old. He grew up in the racing culture, Saturday’s win proves that he is a true professional ready to compete with the best on the track,” said Miller.

About Freedom Warranty

Freedom Warranty is a privately-held company that operates in over two dozen states and sells its VSC products through automotive dealerships, licensed repair facilities, and financial institutions. The company’s corporate office and customer service team is based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Visit online at FreedomWarranty.com or call (844) 307-9944.


Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealerships and VSC Program

New car dealer clients are always looking for vehicle service contracts (VSC) for their Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) dealerships. This can be difficult, though, because the dealership may believe that adding a VSC program will significantly raise prices and make collections harder. Here are a few good tips to help you find the right VSC program for your BHPH dealership.

Understand the Program

The first thing you should do as a dealer client is research what service contract is so you can educate your BHPH dealers. Sometimes called an extended vehicle protection plan, an SVC is a promise your dealers make to customers to perform or pay for specific repairs or services. The contract costs extra and can be purchased at any time.

Research Companies

The second most important thing to do is to get to know every company you are considering for your dealership. Find out if the company is registered in the state they do business in; if they have met all state requirements; and if they are associated with and support the state’s independent dealer association.

Repossessing a Vehicle

You should also know that the repossession of a vehicle is a normal occurrence. You may have to make a few phone calls, but you need to find out if the repo company will let your buy here, pay here dealership transfer the extended vehicles protection plan to a new owner if a car is repossessed or if they charge for a new contract.

Forget about Markups

Regarding new-car sales, banks are always willing to finance best-extended vehicle protection plans. They also mark up the service contract so your BHPH dealership can make a profit from sales. Just remember your dealers you will have to sacrifice a little of the markup to protect your dealer’s investment.

Questions to Ask

Here is a list of a few questions you should ask a vehicle contract service provider: What would you consider as too high for claims-to-premiums? When does the VSC go into effect in terms of delivery date? Will customers receive a deductible for repairs? Does roadside assistance come with the vehicle service contract? Will the provider of the contract pay claims for repairs done at the service department at the BHPH dealership?


Put Customers First

When you find the best vehicle protection plan for your BHPH dealership, talk about how to incorporate the contract costs without overcharging consumers. This will give consumers an idea of how they will benefit from purchasing extended vehicle protection services. When a car is in need of repair, make sure your dealers help schedule appointments and refer shops you recommend to them personally. This is important because both of you hold a financial interest in the cars the BHPH dealer sells, which helps create lasting relationships with consumers and increases profits for the companies involved.

If you want more tips about finding the right SVC service for your BHPH dealership, contact Freedom Warranty LLC online today.

Dead Car

Things to Expect from Your Extended Vehicle Service Contract

When your customers drive one of your cars off the lot, you want them driving away satisfied and assured they made the best choice. Other than providing top notch customer service from the first point of contact, what else can you do? Consider offering a service that goes beyond handing over the keys. Most customers appreciate the opportunity to purchase added service protection. Here’s what your customers should expect when opting for an extended vehicle service contract.

Help Whenever and Wherever

Cars rarely need repairs at convenient times. Although it would be wonderful if issues only came up from 9-5, how often does that happen? It’s what happens after dark or on the weekend that causes the most stress for car owners. When you offer customers a service contract, they can rest assured they’ll get help from a live person at any time of the day or night. And if they’re not right around the corner from your dealership, they can still get assistance. That means whether they’re in another town or another state, their service plan will work for them.

Roadside Assistance Is on the Way

Your customers already like you, otherwise they wouldn’t have trusted you with their vehicle purchase. They’ll love you when you assure them you won’t leave them stranded on the side of the road. No one plans for a car to breakdown but when it happens, the stress can be mitigated when a customer knows they have access to roadside assistance. They simply call the 24-hour telephone number provided in their contract. Again, they’ll receive assistance no matter what time of day, or their location when they need help.

No Worries about the Fine Print

We’ve all seen those contracts that are multiple pages with print so small it takes a magnifying glass to read. Then once you can home in on the content, it’s full of jargon and rules and regulations that are often difficult to decipher. The best extended vehicle service contract will be easy for every customer to understand and will clearly define what’s covered and what isn’t. Keep in mind, when a customer needs to review their contract it will usually be when they’re under the stress of dealing with a vehicle breakdown. Give them a contract that’s easy to read and gives a set of instructions on what they should do when they’re ready to file a claim.

Roadside Assistance

Keep Your Customer on the Road

Customers understand that certain repairs can take more than a day. They also know a vehicle problem can bring life to halt. Extended vehicle service contract companies understand this too. That’s why they build rental car coverage into the contract. Instead of worrying how they’ll get to work or school, the client knows they can count on you to help keep them on the road until their own car is repaired.

Give Clients Freedom

Most car owners have a favorite auto shop where they take their car for routine maintenance and repairs. One frustrating things about service contracts is that they often restrict the customer to using only approved repair shops. No one likes being told they can’t choose the mechanic who works on their car. Your customers won’t have to worry about that because you’ll give them the freedom to choose where they take their vehicle for service. One more way your dealership can keep customers happy and loyal.

If you’re ready to give your customers an added incentive to keep doing business with you, we’re here to help. Contact Freedom Warranty, LLC. Let us help you find the best extended service contracts for your clients.

Umbrella Protection

Extended Vehicle Protection Plan: Things to Know

How you promote a vehicle service contract (VSC) to your customers depends on whether they buy or lease the vehicle.  When you sell a customer a new or used car, it usually come with a factory warranty, or the remainder of an existing warranty with a used car. Sometimes that warranty is very limited. If the customer plans to drive the same auto for several years, the odds of a major component failure increases after the car warranty expires. In the event of a breakdown after the factory warranty expires, your customer will be glad they opted for the extended vehicle protection plan.

Incentives for selling a VSC to a customer can be presenting real-life examples of major mechanical failures, and the expense involved. Purchasing extended vehicle protection plans can be made with convenient monthly payments. Third-party payers are discouraged, also saving interest payments when VSCs are incorporated into vehicle loans. There are no interest fees with Freedom Warranty in-house payment plans.

Warranty Levels

Some service providers end coverage once the age or mileage of the vehicle reaches 10 years or 100,000 miles. The best extended vehicle protection plans allow greater flexibility in coverage. All vehicles have options for service protection that vary according to the age and condition of the vehicle. Many folks buy a car or truck and drive it for more than ten years. As long as they maintain the vehicle properly, they can have the service protection they need.

This company has wide-ranging coverage for vehicles, including 10 years/80,000 miles, 15 years/150,000 miles, and 20 years/200,000 miles. Owners of older vehicles deserve the best possible auto service contracts that newer vehicles enjoy, at no additional cost, including roadside assistance, a 24-hour helpline, and rental car coverage if the vehicle needs to stay in the shop for repairs.

Components Covered with a VSC

With an aftermarket service contract, your customers have the freedom to select the amount of coverage they desire. Standard coverage includes engine, transmission, transfer case, cooling, drive axle, air conditioning, and electrical. Certain items not covered are brake pads, catalytic converter, light bulbs, oil changes, seat belts, fuel system, brakes, power steering, tires, upholstery, and windows. There are several added options to choose from, and certain conditions apply: seals and gaskets, commercial use, entertainment packages, convertible top, sensor upgrade, suspension upgrade, and better labor rates.

Easy to Understand Contracts

A contract for an extended vehicle service protection plan is available for all makes and models of vehicles. If you are selling luxury, classic, or economy cars, the Freedom Warranty has the best VSCs without low-mileage requirements. You can offer these contracts for vehicles up to 10 years old, and beyond 20 years. The service contracts are straight-forward without any hidden fees. It’s important that you read the entire contract and understand any limitations or conditions. Your objective is to enhance vehicle ownership for your customers, and to address specific repair needs of older vehicles.

Hand sheltering car from falling dominoes

The Best Extended Service Plan

All aftermarket service contracts are not equal. You want to be able to offer the best possible extended vehicle service programs to your customers. Happy customers mean repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals to your dealership or auto sales. Freedom Warranty was established in 2015, and is one of the fastest-growing VSC companies, covering 21 states and the District of Columbia. You can be confident that you are offering the very best service contracts to your customers, with the best value and service in the industry.

The service contracts are easy to understand and hassle-free. Freedom Warranty services what they sell with no second- or third-party administrator. Freedom Warranty products are only available through authorized auto dealers, certified repair facilities, established lenders, and accredited insurance agencies. Call Freedom Warranty today for current pricing, and get all the information you need to offer the best extended service contract that suits your buyers’ needs and budgets.

car dealership vehicle service contract

How Customers and Dealers Benefit From Extended Service Contracts

How Customers and Dealers Benefit From Extended Service Contracts

It would seem that selling an extended vehicle service contract to a customer would be almost second nature, a natural extension of a vehicle purchase. The pitch almost sells itself: Buy this and protect the asset you just invested in! Unfortunately, many dealers have to be convinced that selling the best extended vehicle service contract on the market is worth their time. Read on to learn why it is.

It’s Easy Money

Your customer just made an investment that is worth tens of thousands of dollars or at least several thousand dollars if they purchased a pre-owned vehicle. Like everything in life, they could drive their vehicle for five years and never have anything other than routine maintenance to perform, or some oddity could occur, and they end up needing service on their way home. That is the nature of owning a vehicle.

The insurance vehicle service contract providers offer is a guarantee against those odd occurrences. In addition to basic coverage, the best extended vehicle service contract offers the customer security beyond the manufacturer's warranty on some repairs and replacements. That alone can be a huge financial benefit to customers that makes purchasing the contract worthwhile.

The More the Merrier

Vehicle customers, for the most part, visit a car dealership because they have a need. That  need is a set of wheels they can depend on. Sales people pitch and sell them on additional features, but for the most part, their basic need is an ability to transport themselves. It makes sense to do everything possible to protect the thing that fills that need. The best vehicle service contract companies know that and put together extended service contracts that cover what can hinder filling that need. When pitched to customers in that light, the reason for purchasing a coverage contract becomes really clear and worth the investment.

That need also opens the door to sell the contract while selling the features of the vehicle. The motor that is covered under the contract is vital to the vehicle and has expensive maintenance needs. The computer board may eventually need replacing because it can malfunction or even break. Every customer complains about the conditions of our roads; the extended service contract may cover tires and wheels. By pitching the practicality of the contract, it sells itself.

What, though, does the dealer get out of it?

dealership vehicle protection service agreement

Satisfied Customers

A customer that knows their vehicle is covered should something go wrong will look at the dealer favorably. They will know the dealer has their best interest at heart. Further, they know if something goes wrong, the fix won't cost them thousands out of pocket. All that builds goodwill, even if the contract is never used.

Additional Revenue

If a dealer’s salespeople only sell an extended service contract to 5% of its customers above what it already sells, that is thousands in extra revenue monthly for the dealer—and, it doesn't cost them a thing. The salespeople do the selling, vehicle service contract companies address the coverage, and the fix is done by mechanics. Even if the customer brings their vehicle to in-house mechanics, they still produce revenue by virtue of fixing the thing that exercised the contract.

Marketing and selling vehicle service contracts to customers is a natural extension to actually selling the vehicle. It is easy profit for the dealer, and the customer can rest assured that if something happens, it will be taken care of. Check out Freedom Warranty LLC for more details.



Getting the Most Out of an Extended Vehicle Service Protection

Getting the Most Out of an Extended Vehicle Service Protection

Offering your customers an extended vehicle protection package is an excellent strategy for low-term growth and customer retention. Buyers want to know they’re protected if something should go wrong with their new or used vehicle prematurely. Extended vehicle service protection provides this sense of security. Keep reading to learn more about how offering vehicle service contracts to your customers are beneficial for dealerships too.

Retention and Loyalty

Auto service contracts allow dealerships to retain customers and improve customer loyalty. Unfortunately, in today’s crowded market, that’s not what’s happening. Buyers go where the deals are and where they feel taken care of, during and after the sale. Service contracts retain customer loyalty because your customers know you have a product available at a reasonable price that will never leave them stranded. Great aftermarket service contracts provide 24-hour roadside assistance and towing. These perks matter as much as the low-cost repair and replacement benefits that are part of the service contracts.  

Fewer Goodwill Repairs

These are out-of-pocket repairs that dealerships make on pre-owned vehicles for fostering a long-term relationship with customers. The problem with goodwill repairs is that the dealership is on the hook for the parts and the labor. Yes, your customer is happy, but if you make too many goodwill repairs, how satisfied are you? Could too many goodwill repairs be costing you more money?

Dealerships that offer extended vehicle service protection benefit because they can recoup expenses from any repairs made to the vehicle after the sale. When a vehicle comes with a service contract, you still foster long-term customer relationships without the drawback of losing money on the sale because of a goodwill repair.

Increased Customer Referrals

The majority of your dealership’s business is based on referrals. If a customer feels taken care of, they will spread the word and tell their friends and family. Auto service contracts are one of the best ways to improve customer satisfaction and increase referrals. When a customer doesn’t have to spend their hard-earned money on an expensive car repair because their purchase came with an extended service contract, that improves customer satisfaction. Offering your customers affordable auto protection protects them from unexpected repair and maintenance costs. Also, customers tend to be happier with the coverage they receive directly from their dealer than from third-party auto contract providers.

Customer Convenience

Lastly, if a customer needs car repairs, they don’t have to drive all over town looking for a shop that’s going to fix the problem right. As the go-to extended vehicle protection center, your customer comes to you. Any repair or maintenance work is done at the dealership, and your customer doesn’t have to spend their time trying to find someone who’ll honor the service contract. Customers like convenience. Don't make them search for a shop when you can offer them in-house services.

Dealers, are you interested in speaking with extended vehicle protection providers? Contact Freedom Warranty LLC, to learn more about the auto service contracts available and give your customers a reason to keep buying cars from you year after year.

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Long Block Drivetrain Upgrade

Freedom Warranty Offers Long Block Upgrade to Popular Lifetime Drivertrain Product

Freedom Warranty launched its newest VSC product. A Long Block Upgrade is now available with Lifetime Drivetrain coverage under Freedom Warranty’s 3/3 and 6/6 Vital™ Protection Plan.

The new product gives dealers the opportunity to offer their customers lifetime drivertrain protection and an additional 36,000 miles of coverage for the engine, starter, starter solenoid, alternator, and AC compressor.

“This product is price competitive with 12, 24, and 36-month drivetrain plus coverage and exceeds what other VSC companies offer by giving customers enhanced protection as long as they own the vehicle,” said Chris Miller, Freedom Warranty’s CEO.

Additionally, like the Vital™ 3/3 and 6/6, there are no surcharges for diesel, AWD, 4WD, superchargers, or turbos.

Dealers who want to know more about the Long Block Upgrade can contact Freedom Warranty Dealer Services by calling (844) 307-9944 or send email to contactus@freedomwarranty.com.

About Freedom Warranty

Freedom Warranty is a privately-held company that operates in over two dozen states and sells its VSC products through automotive dealerships, licensed repair facilities, and financial institutions. The company’s corporate office and customer service team is based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Visit online at FreedomWarranty.com or call (423) 212-7445.

News from Freedom Warranty

Delivering Customer Satisfaction

Last year, Freedom Warranty made a commitment to its clients: To dramatically improve Customer Satisfaction. One year later, that promise is being kept with major improvements to Overall Customer Happiness.

A comprehensive plan that included educating and motivating department managers and agents has resulted in a composite satisfaction score of 4-stars on consumer review websites.

Specifically, Google Business Reviews added one-and-a half stars (from a low 2-stars) to the composite rating of 3.1 stars. The Better Business Bureau increased by 20-percent to a total 4.74 out of 5 possible.

"Our industry is tough when it comes to customer satisfaction," said Freedom Warranty's new CEO, Chris Miller. "Contracts can be complex and lead to lots of misunderstandings about coverage, but in the end when a customer files a claim they want to be confident that they will be treated with respect and a sense of urgency. That's where we can turn a negative into a positive."

Long Term Effects

Miller admits that it can take months, if not years, to reverse the damage of bad reviews and unhappy customers. "Our dealers and sales agents depend on us to deliver on their promises to customers. We take that very seriously."

Social media and online reviews can have a powerful impact on the marketplace. Putting an emphasis on resolving consumer complaints requires complex coordination between the dealer network, customer service agents and claims teams.

Team Leadership

"Everybody has to be onboard when it comes to improving service. From the dealer making coverages clear to the customer, to how our customer service agents help contract holders do business with us, to how we handle claims," said Miller.

The gains made over the last 12 months mean keeping a constant attention to keep the ratings level and for any improvement, and Miller understands it is a constant challenge to maintain and improve ratings.

"We are laser-focused on customer satisfaction as we continue on the journey to becoming a leading provider and administrator of vehicle service contracts in the industry," said Miller.

News from Freedom Warranty

FWIS 2.0 Adds New Customer Portal

FWIS Version 2.0 Release Debuts Major Upgrade and New Customer Portal

Freedom Warranty launched version 2.0 of its innovative proprietary, interactive cloud-based client application, the Freedom Warranty Integrated System, on March 26.

FWIS - Online Dealer Management Tool

The FWIS Dashboard is the most extensive and easy-to-use online dealer management tool in the Vehicle Service Contract industry.

Freedom Warranty vice-president and project executive, Chris Miller, said the latest version takes client and customer management to the next level.

"Version 2.0 is a major upgrade that we have been working on for several months. It is a robust set of tools engineered from the ground up to make it easier than ever to use—for our dealer clients and now, for customers, too."

Customer Portal Gives Contract Holder Easy Access

Giving access to contract holders with a simple-to-use online dashboard allows them to get details of their coverage, communicate with customer service representatives, monitor claims progress, and make financed contract payments using familiar gateways.

"Our primary goal was to respond to our dealers' needs in allowing buyers to get the information they need without using the dealership as a intermediary," said Chris Miller. Customers are assigned login credentials as part of the on-boarding process following a sale.

The cloud-based service is accessed through a standard Internet browser.

After a secure login, customers are able to view and edit profile information, communicate with the Freedom Warranty Customer Service Team, and monitor any active claims.

About Freedom Warranty

Freedom Warranty is the fastest-growing Vehicle Service Contract company in the nation, doing business in 19 states with independent and franchise dealers. Based in Chattanooga, TN the company has a 100-percent U.S.-based customer support team.