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Things You Should Look for in a Vehicle Service Plan

An extended vehicle service protection plan is more than just nice to have. For a dealership, maintenance and repairs are part of doing business, and you’re always looking for a way to cut down on costs and save money. With a great extended vehicle protection package, you may be able to get everything you want from a single service provider. This is why it’s so essential that you compare and contrast vehicle service plans to see what you can get for the money. You may be pleasantly surprised. Read more “Things You Should Look for in a Vehicle Service Plan”

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How to Choose Your Vehicle Service Contract Provider?

No one wants to pay for costly repairs out of pocket, which is why so many people consider an extended vehicle warranty plan. Fortunately, an extended warranty is not the only option. Whether you need coverage for a new car or a vehicle with over 100,000 miles, a vehicle service contract provider can offer an extended service contract to help cover your car or truck and provide ongoing support and protection. Read more “How to Choose Your Vehicle Service Contract Provider?”

Used Cars

Buying a Warranty for a Used Car: Top Considerations

Is your company planning on buying used cars? Then you might want to invest in an extended vehicle service contract, which can provide many benefits to you and your customers. There are several factors you need to consider before making the final purchase. Here are the top considerations when buying an extended service contract for used cars.

What Will Be Included?

The biggest factor your company needs to consider when buying an extended vehicle service contract is what will be included. There are several plans provided by extended vehicle service contract companies that cover different components of a used vehicle. An examination of your customer’s needs and what they are willing to spend help determine what level of coverage you will include in your contract. In general, there are four types of coverage to consider.

Powertrain offers basic coverage, protecting used cars most important and expensive parts only, like the engine, drive axle, transmission, etc. A stated component plan offers protection to the powertrain and other parts, like heating and cooling systems, brake systems, water pump, and so on.

An exclusionary plan, popularly referred to as a “bumper to bumper” plan, offers extensive coverage, to the point that instead of listing what is covered, there is only a list of what is not covered. Some used cars still have some of the manufacturer’s plan, which includes some of the car’s parts. A wrap plan will cover the rest of the used car.

What Kind of Savings Will Be Offered?

The next thing your company needs to consider when buying a used car extended service contract is how much savings will be offered. The best-extended vehicle service contract companies are willing to include thousands of dollars of savings in the contract because to do otherwise would mean losing customers. The exact amount of savings depends on how often a customer will use the policy during coverage. This has various dimensions, and you want to make sure your service plan will benefit customers rather than costing them in the end.

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How Much Will Your Plan Cost?

Once your company has decided what type of coverage to offer and how much savings will be provided, your next step is to figure out how much the plan will cost. As an extended vehicle contract administrator, you need to understand what your customers can afford on average. This will guide you toward creating a plan that will be profitable to your used car company and being affordable to a majority of customers. You may also want to offer a few payment plan options for customers who might be on the lower end financially. Discuss these options with a vehicle service contract provider to fine-tune the cost of the extended plan your company wants to invest in.

If you would like to know more about what to consider when buying an extended service plan for used cars, contact Freedom Warranty LLC by email at contactus@freedomwarranty.com.

Benefits of Extended Vehicle Protection Plans

Do you think extended vehicle protection plans aren’t worth the extra money? Are you sure that all you need is the factory warranty that comes with your vehicle? At Freedom Warranty LLC, we urge you to reconsider this opinion. You see, many vehicle owners keep their cars for up to a decade. In fact, the average car on the road is 11.8 years old. Even with regular maintenance, you’re likely to face expensive car repairs the longer you keep your car.

Luckily, extended vehicle protection plans fill in the gap between the time your factory warranty expires and when you decide you need a new car. Here are some of the many benefits extended vehicle protection plans offer.

  • Peace of mind: You know major vehicle repairs are covered when your car reaches the 100,000 mile mark and beyond.
  • Reduce the cost of vehicle ownership: This cost extends beyond the sticker price on the vehicle and the interest rate when you finance. It also includes repair costs, which can end up being more than the car is worth the older the vehicle gets.
  • Avoid roadside mishaps: Extended plans include maintenance and major vehicle components that keep you on the road, not on the side of it.
  • Transferrable: Not planning on keeping your car for long? An extended protection plan that’s transferable increases your vehicle’s value.

Are you ready to purchase an extended vehicle protection plan? Contact Freedom Warranty, LLC, today. We offer a wide selection of vehicle protection plans and protection centers across the United States. Our plans are ideal for vehicles 10-20 years old that still bring you joy on the road but might need a little TLC along the way. In addition to repair services, our plans also include a 24-hour helpline, roadside assistance, and rental services. When you choose Freedom Warranty, you’re choosing to drive with peace of mind knowing you’re covered no matter what. We offer a number of protection plans to meet all budgets. Give us a call today at (844) 307-7483 or visit us at www.freedomwarranty.com to learn more about our extended protection plans.


Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealerships and VSC Program

New car dealer clients are always looking for vehicle service contracts (VSC) for their Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) dealerships. This can be difficult, though, because the dealership may believe that adding a VSC program will significantly raise prices and make collections harder. Here are a few good tips to help you find the right VSC program for your BHPH dealership.

Understand the Program

The first thing you should do as a dealer client is research what service contract is so you can educate your BHPH dealers. Sometimes called an extended vehicle protection plan, an SVC is a promise your dealers make to customers to perform or pay for specific repairs or services. The contract costs extra and can be purchased at any time.

Research Companies

The second most important thing to do is to get to know every company you are considering for your dealership. Find out if the company is registered in the state they do business in; if they have met all state requirements; and if they are associated with and support the state’s independent dealer association.

Repossessing a Vehicle

You should also know that the repossession of a vehicle is a normal occurrence. You may have to make a few phone calls, but you need to find out if the repo company will let your buy here, pay here dealership transfer the extended vehicles protection plan to a new owner if a car is repossessed or if they charge for a new contract.

Forget about Markups

Regarding new-car sales, banks are always willing to finance best-extended vehicle protection plans. They also mark up the service contract so your BHPH dealership can make a profit from sales. Just remember your dealers you will have to sacrifice a little of the markup to protect your dealer’s investment.

Questions to Ask

Here is a list of a few questions you should ask a vehicle contract service provider: What would you consider as too high for claims-to-premiums? When does the VSC go into effect in terms of delivery date? Will customers receive a deductible for repairs? Does roadside assistance come with the vehicle service contract? Will the provider of the contract pay claims for repairs done at the service department at the BHPH dealership?


Put Customers First

When you find the best vehicle protection plan for your BHPH dealership, talk about how to incorporate the contract costs without overcharging consumers. This will give consumers an idea of how they will benefit from purchasing extended vehicle protection services. When a car is in need of repair, make sure your dealers help schedule appointments and refer shops you recommend to them personally. This is important because both of you hold a financial interest in the cars the BHPH dealer sells, which helps create lasting relationships with consumers and increases profits for the companies involved.

If you want more tips about finding the right SVC service for your BHPH dealership, contact Freedom Warranty LLC online today.


Vehicle Service Contract: Tips for Avoiding Issues

A vehicle service contract is designed to extend beyond the manufacturer’s warranty. Since many problems with vehicles occur beyond that initial warranty, this can be a valuable asset for a vehicle owner. There are a number of things that could result in problems when filing a claim and could make it difficult to receive assistance with the repair. Here are some tips for avoiding some common issues with extended service contracts.

Know What the Service Contract Covers

There are a variety of service contracts that cover different aspects of a vehicle. While some may only cover small repairs, others may cover extensive repairs. When someone purchases a service contract, it’s important to understand the inclusions and exclusions fully. This will allow the car owner to avoid a problem down the road. While some people consider the amount of coverage desired, others solely consider the price. Understanding these inclusions and exclusions will also allow the dealer to offer the amount of coverage that the person purchasing the car is looking for.

Know the Length of Coverage

One of the most important things to know about a service contract is the length of the coverage. The last thing a car owner wants is to think that they’re covered for a repair, only to realize that their coverage has expired. Before purchasing a service contract, the buyer should consider how long they plan on owning the vehicle. Buying a service contract that will last longer than that period will ensure that they always are able to receive assistance with the cost of the repair. It’s also a good idea to see if it is possible to transfer the contract when the vehicle is resold later on.

Perform Regularly Scheduled Maintenance

Companies that sell vehicle service contracts want to protect themselves, so there are often certain requirements that must be met in order to use the contract. This is because a vehicle that is neglected will likely have more problems than one that is well maintained. When someone purchases a service contract, they should know what the requirements of the contract are. This could include such tasks as regular oil and spark plug changes. They should also know where that work should be done as some companies will only allow work at certain facilities.

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Keep All Service Records and Receipts

Whenever any maintenance tasks are completed on a vehicle, such as an oil change, the work should be recorded and the receipts kept. When the owner of a vehicle service contract looks to put the contract into use, the service contract provider may want to ensure that the vehicle has been properly maintained in accordance with the contract. This will ensure that the problem with the vehicle wasn’t due to negligence. Failure to provide this information to the company could result in claim denial. The ability to provide this information to the service contract provider will ensure that no claims are unexpectedly denied.

A vehicle service contract can be a very useful tool when the manufacturer’s warranty expires. This will help the vehicle owner with the cost of repairs, especially when those repairs come at unexpected times. These tips will help to avoid any problems that could arise when a service contract owner files a claim. Contact Freedom Warranty if you’re in search of the best vehicle service contract companies.

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Choosing the Right Extended Vehicle Service Contract Provider

While most vehicles come with manufacturer’s warranties, those only last for so long and only cover certain problems. Many problems that occur with a vehicle will do so as the car ages. Those looking to purchase a vehicle want to be covered when these problems occur. Therefore, they may be looking for an extended service contract. The right extended service provider will allow you to offer the best coverage for these problems, ensuring that those buying vehicles are satisfied with their purchase. Here are a few ways to help you find the right extended service contract provider.

Find an Experienced Company

There are a number of quality companies that will provide extended service contracts to customers but there are also some scam companies. These companies usually aren’t around very long as they tend to close once a large number of claims start to come in. A way to avoid partnering with a scam company is to find one that has been around for a number of years. If they have remained in business for several years, this will ensure that they are providing quality service to customers.

Know What’s Covered

When someone purchases a vehicle, they likely have in mind what they want to be covered should something go wrong. While some may only want the minimal amount of coverage, others may want extensive coverage. When shopping at a dealership, a customer will likely not know what full coverage entails. Rather than providing false information, it’s important to fully understand the coverage that an extended service provider offers. This will allow you to provide accurate information to customers looking to purchase a vehicle.

Customizable Packages

While some extended service providers offer strict packages, others allow for customization. This allows a dealer to provide exactly what a customer wants in an extended service contract. This will ensure that the person purchasing the contract gets the coverage that they desire and in an affordable way.

Ensure You Can Get in Touch

When offering a third-party service to a customer, you’re putting your reputation on the line. If you recommend a service from another company and they don’t offer quality customer service, it will reflect poorly on you. When partnering with an extended service contract provider, they should be easy to get in touch with. This means that they should provide a phone number and a way to contact the company online. If the company offers this information, it will be easier for customers to contact them if they have questions, need to file a claim, or make a payment.

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Understand the Deductible

When someone purchases an extended service contract, they will want to know exactly how much it will cost them. Sometimes this can be determined by a deductible. It’s important for the customer to understand that purchasing the cheapest option or cheapest deductible could result in them paying more of the repair bill. Fully understanding the deductible of an extended service provider will allow you to explain it to a customer.

An extended service contract offers protection for a vehicle well beyond that of the manufacturer’s warranty. When choosing an extended service provider, it’s important to do your due diligence to ensure that it is a quality company. These tips will help you to ensure you’ve found the right provider. Contact Freedom Warranty if you’re looking for extended vehicle protection providers.

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Things to Expect from Your Extended Vehicle Service Contract

When your customers drive one of your cars off the lot, you want them driving away satisfied and assured they made the best choice. Other than providing top notch customer service from the first point of contact, what else can you do? Consider offering a service that goes beyond handing over the keys. Most customers appreciate the opportunity to purchase added service protection. Here’s what your customers should expect when opting for an extended vehicle service contract.

Help Whenever and Wherever

Cars rarely need repairs at convenient times. Although it would be wonderful if issues only came up from 9-5, how often does that happen? It’s what happens after dark or on the weekend that causes the most stress for car owners. When you offer customers a service contract, they can rest assured they’ll get help from a live person at any time of the day or night. And if they’re not right around the corner from your dealership, they can still get assistance. That means whether they’re in another town or another state, their service plan will work for them.

Roadside Assistance Is on the Way

Your customers already like you, otherwise they wouldn’t have trusted you with their vehicle purchase. They’ll love you when you assure them you won’t leave them stranded on the side of the road. No one plans for a car to breakdown but when it happens, the stress can be mitigated when a customer knows they have access to roadside assistance. They simply call the 24-hour telephone number provided in their contract. Again, they’ll receive assistance no matter what time of day, or their location when they need help.

No Worries about the Fine Print

We’ve all seen those contracts that are multiple pages with print so small it takes a magnifying glass to read. Then once you can home in on the content, it’s full of jargon and rules and regulations that are often difficult to decipher. The best extended vehicle service contract will be easy for every customer to understand and will clearly define what’s covered and what isn’t. Keep in mind, when a customer needs to review their contract it will usually be when they’re under the stress of dealing with a vehicle breakdown. Give them a contract that’s easy to read and gives a set of instructions on what they should do when they’re ready to file a claim.

Roadside Assistance

Keep Your Customer on the Road

Customers understand that certain repairs can take more than a day. They also know a vehicle problem can bring life to halt. Extended vehicle service contract companies understand this too. That’s why they build rental car coverage into the contract. Instead of worrying how they’ll get to work or school, the client knows they can count on you to help keep them on the road until their own car is repaired.

Give Clients Freedom

Most car owners have a favorite auto shop where they take their car for routine maintenance and repairs. One frustrating things about service contracts is that they often restrict the customer to using only approved repair shops. No one likes being told they can’t choose the mechanic who works on their car. Your customers won’t have to worry about that because you’ll give them the freedom to choose where they take their vehicle for service. One more way your dealership can keep customers happy and loyal.

If you’re ready to give your customers an added incentive to keep doing business with you, we’re here to help. Contact Freedom Warranty, LLC. Let us help you find the best extended service contracts for your clients.

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Understanding How the Extended Vehicle Protection Plan Works

People are driving their cars longer than ever before. Thanks to high-quality automobiles and the expense that comes with buying a new car, drivers are getting more years and performance out of their vehicles than was once common. While today’s automobiles last longer, there are added expenses to maintaining a car as it gets older. Once the vehicle has passed the manufacturer’s warranty, it’s no longer protected, so many drivers find it a good idea to purchase an extended vehicle protection plan. If you’re confused as to how extended vehicle protection programs work, here are some of the facts.

Standard Factory Warranty

All new cars come with some kind of standard factory warranty. This warranty covers a limited amount of years and mileage but helps guarantee that the car a buyer is purchasing isn’t a lemon. The buyer will be covered from all repairs stemming from mechanical failures and the like, but only within the narrow time and mileage frame listed in the warranty. If they want to extend the warranty beyond these limits via an outside company, then this would be considered an extended vehicle protection plan, and it’s the only way to ensure a car is covered once the standard factory warranty is no longer applicable.

Added Protection

Your customers will always want as much coverage as possible. The problem is the manufacturer’s warranty can only cover so much. When a customer adds extended vehicle protection plan onto their car, they won’t have to dread the day the warranty comes to an end. If their car needs repair, they can take it to whichever mechanic or service center they like, providing them with extra flexibility. Once a mechanic has diagnosed the problem, they’ll relay the information to the coverage provider, leaving the customer to only pay the deductible, depending on the kind of coverage they have. Making the process even simpler, some companies include options such as 24-hour roadside assistance and rental car coverage should their car have to stay overnight. Customers appreciate the extra measure of pro-tection options like these provide.

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Additional Factors

As with any other kind of insurance, the type of car someone drives and how they drive it will determine the cost of the extended vehicle protection plan. For starters, the newer the car, the more they can get covered. Let your customers know that if they want the best extended coverage, purchasing a plan sooner is better than waiting until later. Also, if they can keep their yearly mileage low, that’ll help them obtain better coverage, and keeping their car maintained with regularly scheduled oil and fluid changes will protect the vehicle while demonstrating to their coverage provider that they’re a conscientious driver.

Very few people drive their car until their manufacturer’s warranty is up and then replace it immediately by buying a new car. The only way to drive an older car with the same security and confidence as a new car is with additional coverage, and dealerships can benefit by offering their customers the protection they’re looking for.

At Freedom Warranty LLC, we’re the experts at providing the best extended vehicle protection plan in the business. If you’d like your business to benefit from what we have to offer, call the professionals at Freedom Warranty LLC today to learn about the various plans we offer.

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Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Vehicle Service Contract

Any vehicle that you purchase will come with a manufacturer’s warranty that will take care of certain problems. However, these warranties only last for so long. If you have any trouble with the vehicle after the warranty expires, you’ll be responsible to pay for the repairs. An extended vehicle service contract will allow you to extend the period in which you can receive assistance in paying for these repairs.

Buying the right extended service contract can be a big help down the road but the wrong one could result in wasted money. Here are some mistakes to avoid when choosing coverage from the best vehicle service contract companies.

The Wrong Coverage Type

There are various types of vehicle service contracts that cover a variety of problems. The least expensive coverage plans typically only cover mechanical failures. This means that any problems that might arise due to high mileage will not be covered, the top reason why claims are rejected.

As your vehicle accumulates more mileage, you will be more likely to need repairs due to parts extending beyond their lifespan rather than mechanical failures. To avoid any potential claim denials, you should fully understand what is in the contract that you’re considering and the difference between a mechanical failure and a worn part due to high mileage.

Basing Decision on Price

A vehicle is an expensive purchase so many people end up buying the cheapest vehicle service contract available because they wish to limit their spending. The problem with this plan is that, like most other aspects of life, you get what you pay for. Cheaper vehicle service contracts will cover fewer problems than a more expensive contract.

Rather than concerning yourself with the price of the contract, you should examine what the contract covers. This will ensure that you are covered when a problem occurs months or years down the road.

Mechanic handing paperwork to woman

Pre-Existing Conditions

When you purchase a vehicle, you should always have a qualified mechanic look it over before completing the purchase. There are those that will buy a car with a pre-existing condition and then file a claim to have a problem, such as broken air conditioning or slipping transmission, fixed by the vehicle service contract company. Understanding that there are those that will attempt to do this, most service contract companies have a short period of time after the purchase in which you cannot file a claim.

Attempting to do this will result in a claim denial and you having to spend thousands of dollars on the repair yourself. You’re much better off have the car inspected before purchasing to ensure that there are no current problems that might arise in the near future.

Forced into Extended Service Contract

Those with bad credit already have a more difficult time purchasing a car than those with good credit. Some car dealers will attempt to take advantage of this situation by claiming that the buyer must purchase an extended service contract from them in order to receive a loan.

This is a scam that could result in the buyer purchasing a service contract that costs more than other companies and may not cover future potential problems. You should be aware of this potential claim and know that you always have your choice of companies from which to buy your vehicle service contract.

An extended service contract can be a tremendous asset when you’re in need of repairs. Avoiding these mistakes will ensure that you purchase the right contract from the best vehicle service contract companies so you don’t run into any unfortunate situations later on. Contact Freedom Warranty if you’re in need of a vehicle service contract.