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Choosing the Right Extended Vehicle Service Contract Provider

While most vehicles come with manufacturer’s warranties, those only last for so long and only cover certain problems. Many problems that occur with a vehicle will do so as the car ages. Those looking to purchase a vehicle want to be covered when these problems occur. Therefore, they may be looking for an extended service contract. The right extended service provider will allow you to offer the best coverage for these problems, ensuring that those buying vehicles are satisfied with their purchase. Here are a few ways to help you find the right extended service contract provider.

Find an Experienced Company

There are a number of quality companies that will provide extended service contracts to customers but there are also some scam companies. These companies usually aren’t around very long as they tend to close once a large number of claims start to come in. A way to avoid partnering with a scam company is to find one that has been around for a number of years. If they have remained in business for several years, this will ensure that they are providing quality service to customers.

Know What’s Covered

When someone purchases a vehicle, they likely have in mind what they want to be covered should something go wrong. While some may only want the minimal amount of coverage, others may want extensive coverage. When shopping at a dealership, a customer will likely not know what full coverage entails. Rather than providing false information, it’s important to fully understand the coverage that an extended service provider offers. This will allow you to provide accurate information to customers looking to purchase a vehicle.

Customizable Packages

While some extended service providers offer strict packages, others allow for customization. This allows a dealer to provide exactly what a customer wants in an extended service contract. This will ensure that the person purchasing the contract gets the coverage that they desire and in an affordable way.

Ensure You Can Get in Touch

When offering a third-party service to a customer, you’re putting your reputation on the line. If you recommend a service from another company and they don’t offer quality customer service, it will reflect poorly on you. When partnering with an extended service contract provider, they should be easy to get in touch with. This means that they should provide a phone number and a way to contact the company online. If the company offers this information, it will be easier for customers to contact them if they have questions, need to file a claim, or make a payment.

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Understand the Deductible

When someone purchases an extended service contract, they will want to know exactly how much it will cost them. Sometimes this can be determined by a deductible. It’s important for the customer to understand that purchasing the cheapest option or cheapest deductible could result in them paying more of the repair bill. Fully understanding the deductible of an extended service provider will allow you to explain it to a customer.

An extended service contract offers protection for a vehicle well beyond that of the manufacturer’s warranty. When choosing an extended service provider, it’s important to do your due diligence to ensure that it is a quality company. These tips will help you to ensure you’ve found the right provider. Contact Freedom Warranty if you’re looking for extended vehicle protection providers.

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Things to Expect from Your Extended Vehicle Service Contract

When your customers drive one of your cars off the lot, you want them driving away satisfied and assured they made the best choice. Other than providing top notch customer service from the first point of contact, what else can you do? Consider offering a service that goes beyond handing over the keys. Most customers appreciate the opportunity to purchase added service protection. Here’s what your customers should expect when opting for an extended vehicle service contract.

Help Whenever and Wherever

Cars rarely need repairs at convenient times. Although it would be wonderful if issues only came up from 9-5, how often does that happen? It’s what happens after dark or on the weekend that causes the most stress for car owners. When you offer customers a service contract, they can rest assured they’ll get help from a live person at any time of the day or night. And if they’re not right around the corner from your dealership, they can still get assistance. That means whether they’re in another town or another state, their service plan will work for them.

Roadside Assistance Is on the Way

Your customers already like you, otherwise they wouldn’t have trusted you with their vehicle purchase. They’ll love you when you assure them you won’t leave them stranded on the side of the road. No one plans for a car to breakdown but when it happens, the stress can be mitigated when a customer knows they have access to roadside assistance. They simply call the 24-hour telephone number provided in their contract. Again, they’ll receive assistance no matter what time of day, or their location when they need help.

No Worries about the Fine Print

We’ve all seen those contracts that are multiple pages with print so small it takes a magnifying glass to read. Then once you can home in on the content, it’s full of jargon and rules and regulations that are often difficult to decipher. The best extended vehicle service contract will be easy for every customer to understand and will clearly define what’s covered and what isn’t. Keep in mind, when a customer needs to review their contract it will usually be when they’re under the stress of dealing with a vehicle breakdown. Give them a contract that’s easy to read and gives a set of instructions on what they should do when they’re ready to file a claim.

Roadside Assistance

Keep Your Customer on the Road

Customers understand that certain repairs can take more than a day. They also know a vehicle problem can bring life to halt. Extended vehicle service contract companies understand this too. That’s why they build rental car coverage into the contract. Instead of worrying how they’ll get to work or school, the client knows they can count on you to help keep them on the road until their own car is repaired.

Give Clients Freedom

Most car owners have a favorite auto shop where they take their car for routine maintenance and repairs. One frustrating things about service contracts is that they often restrict the customer to using only approved repair shops. No one likes being told they can’t choose the mechanic who works on their car. Your customers won’t have to worry about that because you’ll give them the freedom to choose where they take their vehicle for service. One more way your dealership can keep customers happy and loyal.

If you’re ready to give your customers an added incentive to keep doing business with you, we’re here to help. Contact Freedom Warranty, LLC. Let us help you find the best extended service contracts for your clients.

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Understanding How the Extended Vehicle Protection Plan Works

People are driving their cars longer than ever before. Thanks to high-quality automobiles and the expense that comes with buying a new car, drivers are getting more years and performance out of their vehicles than was once common. While today’s automobiles last longer, there are added expenses to maintaining a car as it gets older. Once the vehicle has passed the manufacturer’s warranty, it’s no longer protected, so many drivers find it a good idea to purchase an extended vehicle protection plan. If you’re confused as to how extended vehicle protection programs work, here are some of the facts.

Standard Factory Warranty

All new cars come with some kind of standard factory warranty. This warranty covers a limited amount of years and mileage but helps guarantee that the car a buyer is purchasing isn’t a lemon. The buyer will be covered from all repairs stemming from mechanical failures and the like, but only within the narrow time and mileage frame listed in the warranty. If they want to extend the warranty beyond these limits via an outside company, then this would be considered an extended vehicle protection plan, and it’s the only way to ensure a car is covered once the standard factory warranty is no longer applicable.

Added Protection

Your customers will always want as much coverage as possible. The problem is the manufacturer’s warranty can only cover so much. When a customer adds extended vehicle protection plan onto their car, they won’t have to dread the day the warranty comes to an end. If their car needs repair, they can take it to whichever mechanic or service center they like, providing them with extra flexibility. Once a mechanic has diagnosed the problem, they’ll relay the information to the coverage provider, leaving the customer to only pay the deductible, depending on the kind of coverage they have. Making the process even simpler, some companies include options such as 24-hour roadside assistance and rental car coverage should their car have to stay overnight. Customers appreciate the extra measure of pro-tection options like these provide.

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Additional Factors

As with any other kind of insurance, the type of car someone drives and how they drive it will determine the cost of the extended vehicle protection plan. For starters, the newer the car, the more they can get covered. Let your customers know that if they want the best extended coverage, purchasing a plan sooner is better than waiting until later. Also, if they can keep their yearly mileage low, that’ll help them obtain better coverage, and keeping their car maintained with regularly scheduled oil and fluid changes will protect the vehicle while demonstrating to their coverage provider that they’re a conscientious driver.

Very few people drive their car until their manufacturer’s warranty is up and then replace it immediately by buying a new car. The only way to drive an older car with the same security and confidence as a new car is with additional coverage, and dealerships can benefit by offering their customers the protection they’re looking for.

At Freedom Warranty LLC, we’re the experts at providing the best extended vehicle protection plan in the business. If you’d like your business to benefit from what we have to offer, call the professionals at Freedom Warranty LLC today to learn about the various plans we offer.

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Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Vehicle Service Contract

Any vehicle that you purchase will come with a manufacturer’s warranty that will take care of certain problems. However, these warranties only last for so long. If you have any trouble with the vehicle after the warranty expires, you’ll be responsible to pay for the repairs. An extended vehicle service contract will allow you to extend the period in which you can receive assistance in paying for these repairs.

Buying the right extended service contract can be a big help down the road but the wrong one could result in wasted money. Here are some mistakes to avoid when choosing coverage from the best vehicle service contract companies.

The Wrong Coverage Type

There are various types of vehicle service contracts that cover a variety of problems. The least expensive coverage plans typically only cover mechanical failures. This means that any problems that might arise due to high mileage will not be covered, the top reason why claims are rejected.

As your vehicle accumulates more mileage, you will be more likely to need repairs due to parts extending beyond their lifespan rather than mechanical failures. To avoid any potential claim denials, you should fully understand what is in the contract that you’re considering and the difference between a mechanical failure and a worn part due to high mileage.

Basing Decision on Price

A vehicle is an expensive purchase so many people end up buying the cheapest vehicle service contract available because they wish to limit their spending. The problem with this plan is that, like most other aspects of life, you get what you pay for. Cheaper vehicle service contracts will cover fewer problems than a more expensive contract.

Rather than concerning yourself with the price of the contract, you should examine what the contract covers. This will ensure that you are covered when a problem occurs months or years down the road.

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Pre-Existing Conditions

When you purchase a vehicle, you should always have a qualified mechanic look it over before completing the purchase. There are those that will buy a car with a pre-existing condition and then file a claim to have a problem, such as broken air conditioning or slipping transmission, fixed by the vehicle service contract company. Understanding that there are those that will attempt to do this, most service contract companies have a short period of time after the purchase in which you cannot file a claim.

Attempting to do this will result in a claim denial and you having to spend thousands of dollars on the repair yourself. You’re much better off have the car inspected before purchasing to ensure that there are no current problems that might arise in the near future.

Forced into Extended Service Contract

Those with bad credit already have a more difficult time purchasing a car than those with good credit. Some car dealers will attempt to take advantage of this situation by claiming that the buyer must purchase an extended service contract from them in order to receive a loan.

This is a scam that could result in the buyer purchasing a service contract that costs more than other companies and may not cover future potential problems. You should be aware of this potential claim and know that you always have your choice of companies from which to buy your vehicle service contract.

An extended service contract can be a tremendous asset when you’re in need of repairs. Avoiding these mistakes will ensure that you purchase the right contract from the best vehicle service contract companies so you don’t run into any unfortunate situations later on. Contact Freedom Warranty if you’re in need of a vehicle service contract.

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Car Warranty vs Service Plan: What to Choose?

Buying a new car can be a great experience. If you’ve been suffering with an old car with reliability issues, you’ll no longer have to worry about your car breaking down when you least expect it. At least, you shouldn’t. The truth is, however, even fairly new cars can have trouble, which is why new cars come with warranties, and dealerships of all kinds offer plans to protect your car in case any problems might develop.

Usually, the extra coverage that’s available is in the form of either a warranty or a service plan. You want to choose the best extended vehicle service protection, but you might not know which type is the best for you. Here are some things to think about when deciding between a warranty and a service plan.

Service Plans

As the name suggests, this is where you go if you want your services covered. Depending on the type of plan, you can expect to see coverage for routine services like oil changes, transmission fluid changes, oil and air filter replacements, as well as coolant, brake fluid, and cam belt replacements. If you keep to a regular maintenance schedule according to the manufacturer’s guidelines, most—if not all—of the routine work on your car will be covered.

For added protection, you can purchase what’s known as a maintenance plan. Plans like these are even more thorough, and might include additional services to repair and replace the parts that are subject to wear-and-tear such as brake pads and discs, wheel bearings, shock absorbers, fuses, and other items.

If you’re purchasing a new car—or a relatively new car in excellent condition—the additional monthly payments for these plans may wind up exceeding what you’d be paying without them. However, a lot of drivers prefer the security these plans provide, and would rather risk paying more to avoid having to pay for emergency repair costs when they least expect it.

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If you’re purchasing a new vehicle, you’re certainly getting some kind of warranty. While the type of warranty varies from dealer to dealer, you can expect your first few years to be covered from any mishaps resulting from factory defects. Commonly, you can expect your new car warranty to cover the engine, fuel systems, and gearbox, as well as all of the electrical components, sensors, and audio systems. Some warranties will even go so far as to offer roadside assistance, which can be a major source of comfort for most drivers.

Extended Vehicle Service Protection

There are several things your manufacturer’s warranty won’t cover. It won’t cover regular wear-and-tear items such as brakes and brake pads, and within only a few years their warranties won’t even cover transmissions and other parts of your engine that can be incredibly expensive to repair. The only way to protect your car beyond the warranty is with an extended vehicle service protection plan. Vehicle protection providers have plans available that suit your needs and can cover cars as old as 10 to 20 years old.

If you’re buying a new car, or your older car is no longer covered under warranty, contact Freedom Warranty LLC to see what kind of extended vehicle protection plan works for you. Get the peace of mind you’re looking for and call today!

Debunking Extended Vehicle Protection Plan Myths

An extended vehicle protection plan is extremely valuable, but many people are hesitant to get one. Why? Because there are plenty of myths floating around online and being repeated constantly in face to face conversations. This article will shed light on common myths about extended vehicle protection plans.

Extension Plans Are Too Expensive

One of the most prevalent myths about extended vehicle protection plans is that they will cost too much and be a waste of money. While protection plans can cost a lot up front, many providers offer payment plans, which can be easier to manage. You will save a ton on repairs over time, and the plan will start to pay off starting with your first major repair bill. Plus, several extended protection plans include roadside assistance and rental assistance if your car breaks down or is in the shop.

Plans Are Sold Only at Dealerships

This is a misconception. You can only buy extended service contracts from dealerships. While they sound the same and offer the same benefits, an extended vehicle protection plan is actually a useful alternative to an extended service contract. Fortunately for you, there are a large number of providers around the U.S. that you can buy top vehicle protection plans from. This means your options aren’t limited to the dealership you bought your car from. You can explore other providers and find one that offers the benefits you need at a price you can afford.

Plans Are Identical

A lot of people are under the impression that all extended protection plans are the same. The truth is that dealerships and providers offer several plans with different prices, coverage, benefits, and features.  The type of coverage you receive depends on many factors. One is how much you are willing to pay. The more money you spend, the more coverage you’ll receive. Other factors include the state you live in, along with the make, model, year, and mileage of your vehicle. The best thing to do is shop around until you find the best extended vehicle protection plan for you.

I Don’t Need a Protection Plan

The thinking behind this myth is that, if you already have an extended service contract, you don’t need a vehicle protection plan that’s extended. The problem is that the extended service contract you get when you buy a vehicle has year and mileage limits which can expire fairly quickly, leaving you on your own. Adding an extended vehicle protection plan on top of an extended service contract will give you more coverage, for a longer amount of time, and at more affordable rates.  An extended protection plan is a worthwhile investment because you will get peace of mind knowing your vehicle and finances will be covered during an emergency and when in need of repairs. Contact Freedom Warranty today learn more about the facts behind common extended protection plan myths.

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Tips to Choosing the Best Vehicle Service Contract

Car problems are not something that the average driver plans for. Outside of regular oil changes, new tire purchases, and other minor maintenance tasks, most owners don’t worry about mechanical issues until after they notice something isn’t quite right with their vehicle. An extended vehicle service contract is a way for auto dealers, repair facilities, lenders, and insurance companies to offer an affordable solution for their customers’ unplanned car repairs.

Auto Service Contracts: The Basics

Not all vehicle service contract providers offer the same services at the same cost for car owners; they can vary significantly. There are generally three different types of vehicle service contract providers: dealerships, car manufacturers, and third-party independents. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks.

  • Upfront costs for the customer vary, depending on the make and model of the vehicle, its condition, the coverage provided, and the length of the contract. Generally, the upfront costs required by the manufacturer are the highest. The service contracts offered by the dealership are a lower cost, but customers may not like the fact that they must use only the repair services offered by the dealership. Third-party vehicle service contract companies are generally between 30 and 50 percent less than manufacturers’ options, and they allow customers to choose from a network of approved repair facilities.
  • There are both limited and comprehensive auto service contracts available. While limited contracts usually cover only the powertrain and some mechanical issues, comprehensive plans include electrical, audio, sensor components, and other technological components that are equipped in many of the newer vehicles. Few contracts cover all repairs, however.
  • Customers are generally not happy about the inconvenience associated with car repairs. The best vehicle service contract companies offer 24-hour assistance and rental car costs, which help ease the frustration.
  • Consumers are keeping their cars for longer periods of time before buying a new one. Check to see if the contract provider also offers coverage for vehicles from 10 to 20 years old.

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Know the Company

There are thousands of VSC providers and plenty of scams in the marketplace, so it’s important to do some homework before deciding which ones offer the best extended vehicle service contract options for your customers.

  • Check the contract providers’ website. Not only should you find customer approval ratings and reviews, but there should be some information about the company and how long they’ve been in business. A physical address should be provided, along with an email and phone number.
  • Verify whether the extended service contract provider is both the administrator and servicer of the contracts. This makes a difference in the quality of customer service. Many VSC providers don’t provide this level of service.
  • Find out if the VSC company uses new or reconditioned parts for repairs, and if the authorized repair facility keeps a sufficient stock of parts on-hand. Repairs are an inconvenience for customers. Repair delays are worse.

Customer Responsibilities

Most service contracts require the car owner to maintain the car sufficiently through routine maintenance, such as oil changes. Some require them to keep detailed receipts to prove they’ve followed the requirements of the service contract. If the provider doesn’t think the customer has properly maintained the vehicle, they may terminate the VSC. Consumers are wary of any service contracts with tiny print that adds a number of additional stipulations. The top vehicle service contract companies offer great service, easy-to-understand requirements, and quality repairs.

Umbrella Protection

Extended Vehicle Protection Plan: Things to Know

How you promote a vehicle service contract (VSC) to your customers depends on whether they buy or lease the vehicle.  When you sell a customer a new or used car, it usually come with a factory warranty, or the remainder of an existing warranty with a used car. Sometimes that warranty is very limited. If the customer plans to drive the same auto for several years, the odds of a major component failure increases after the car warranty expires. In the event of a breakdown after the factory warranty expires, your customer will be glad they opted for the extended vehicle protection plan.

Incentives for selling a VSC to a customer can be presenting real-life examples of major mechanical failures, and the expense involved. Purchasing extended vehicle protection plans can be made with convenient monthly payments. Third-party payers are discouraged, also saving interest payments when VSCs are incorporated into vehicle loans. There are no interest fees with Freedom Warranty in-house payment plans.

Warranty Levels

Some service providers end coverage once the age or mileage of the vehicle reaches 10 years or 100,000 miles. The best extended vehicle protection plans allow greater flexibility in coverage. All vehicles have options for service protection that vary according to the age and condition of the vehicle. Many folks buy a car or truck and drive it for more than ten years. As long as they maintain the vehicle properly, they can have the service protection they need.

This company has wide-ranging coverage for vehicles, including 10 years/80,000 miles, 15 years/150,000 miles, and 20 years/200,000 miles. Owners of older vehicles deserve the best possible auto service contracts that newer vehicles enjoy, at no additional cost, including roadside assistance, a 24-hour helpline, and rental car coverage if the vehicle needs to stay in the shop for repairs.

Components Covered with a VSC

With an aftermarket service contract, your customers have the freedom to select the amount of coverage they desire. Standard coverage includes engine, transmission, transfer case, cooling, drive axle, air conditioning, and electrical. Certain items not covered are brake pads, catalytic converter, light bulbs, oil changes, seat belts, fuel system, brakes, power steering, tires, upholstery, and windows. There are several added options to choose from, and certain conditions apply: seals and gaskets, commercial use, entertainment packages, convertible top, sensor upgrade, suspension upgrade, and better labor rates.

Easy to Understand Contracts

A contract for an extended vehicle service protection plan is available for all makes and models of vehicles. If you are selling luxury, classic, or economy cars, the Freedom Warranty has the best VSCs without low-mileage requirements. You can offer these contracts for vehicles up to 10 years old, and beyond 20 years. The service contracts are straight-forward without any hidden fees. It’s important that you read the entire contract and understand any limitations or conditions. Your objective is to enhance vehicle ownership for your customers, and to address specific repair needs of older vehicles.

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The Best Extended Service Plan

All aftermarket service contracts are not equal. You want to be able to offer the best possible extended vehicle service programs to your customers. Happy customers mean repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals to your dealership or auto sales. Freedom Warranty was established in 2015, and is one of the fastest-growing VSC companies, covering 21 states and the District of Columbia. You can be confident that you are offering the very best service contracts to your customers, with the best value and service in the industry.

The service contracts are easy to understand and hassle-free. Freedom Warranty services what they sell with no second- or third-party administrator. Freedom Warranty products are only available through authorized auto dealers, certified repair facilities, established lenders, and accredited insurance agencies. Call Freedom Warranty today for current pricing, and get all the information you need to offer the best extended service contract that suits your buyers’ needs and budgets.

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How Customers and Dealers Benefit From Extended Service Contracts

How Customers and Dealers Benefit From Extended Service Contracts

It would seem that selling an extended vehicle service contract to a customer would be almost second nature, a natural extension of a vehicle purchase. The pitch almost sells itself: Buy this and protect the asset you just invested in! Unfortunately, many dealers have to be convinced that selling the best extended vehicle service contract on the market is worth their time. Read on to learn why it is.

It’s Easy Money

Your customer just made an investment that is worth tens of thousands of dollars or at least several thousand dollars if they purchased a pre-owned vehicle. Like everything in life, they could drive their vehicle for five years and never have anything other than routine maintenance to perform, or some oddity could occur, and they end up needing service on their way home. That is the nature of owning a vehicle.

The insurance vehicle service contract providers offer is a guarantee against those odd occurrences. In addition to basic coverage, the best extended vehicle service contract offers the customer security beyond the manufacturer's warranty on some repairs and replacements. That alone can be a huge financial benefit to customers that makes purchasing the contract worthwhile.

The More the Merrier

Vehicle customers, for the most part, visit a car dealership because they have a need. That  need is a set of wheels they can depend on. Sales people pitch and sell them on additional features, but for the most part, their basic need is an ability to transport themselves. It makes sense to do everything possible to protect the thing that fills that need. The best vehicle service contract companies know that and put together extended service contracts that cover what can hinder filling that need. When pitched to customers in that light, the reason for purchasing a coverage contract becomes really clear and worth the investment.

That need also opens the door to sell the contract while selling the features of the vehicle. The motor that is covered under the contract is vital to the vehicle and has expensive maintenance needs. The computer board may eventually need replacing because it can malfunction or even break. Every customer complains about the conditions of our roads; the extended service contract may cover tires and wheels. By pitching the practicality of the contract, it sells itself.

What, though, does the dealer get out of it?

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Satisfied Customers

A customer that knows their vehicle is covered should something go wrong will look at the dealer favorably. They will know the dealer has their best interest at heart. Further, they know if something goes wrong, the fix won't cost them thousands out of pocket. All that builds goodwill, even if the contract is never used.

Additional Revenue

If a dealer’s salespeople only sell an extended service contract to 5% of its customers above what it already sells, that is thousands in extra revenue monthly for the dealer—and, it doesn't cost them a thing. The salespeople do the selling, vehicle service contract companies address the coverage, and the fix is done by mechanics. Even if the customer brings their vehicle to in-house mechanics, they still produce revenue by virtue of fixing the thing that exercised the contract.

Marketing and selling vehicle service contracts to customers is a natural extension to actually selling the vehicle. It is easy profit for the dealer, and the customer can rest assured that if something happens, it will be taken care of. Check out Freedom Warranty LLC for more details.



Getting the Most Out of an Extended Vehicle Service Protection

Getting the Most Out of an Extended Vehicle Service Protection

Offering your customers an extended vehicle protection package is an excellent strategy for low-term growth and customer retention. Buyers want to know they’re protected if something should go wrong with their new or used vehicle prematurely. Extended vehicle service protection provides this sense of security. Keep reading to learn more about how offering vehicle service contracts to your customers are beneficial for dealerships too.

Retention and Loyalty

Auto service contracts allow dealerships to retain customers and improve customer loyalty. Unfortunately, in today’s crowded market, that’s not what’s happening. Buyers go where the deals are and where they feel taken care of, during and after the sale. Service contracts retain customer loyalty because your customers know you have a product available at a reasonable price that will never leave them stranded. Great aftermarket service contracts provide 24-hour roadside assistance and towing. These perks matter as much as the low-cost repair and replacement benefits that are part of the service contracts.  

Fewer Goodwill Repairs

These are out-of-pocket repairs that dealerships make on pre-owned vehicles for fostering a long-term relationship with customers. The problem with goodwill repairs is that the dealership is on the hook for the parts and the labor. Yes, your customer is happy, but if you make too many goodwill repairs, how satisfied are you? Could too many goodwill repairs be costing you more money?

Dealerships that offer extended vehicle service protection benefit because they can recoup expenses from any repairs made to the vehicle after the sale. When a vehicle comes with a service contract, you still foster long-term customer relationships without the drawback of losing money on the sale because of a goodwill repair.

Increased Customer Referrals

The majority of your dealership’s business is based on referrals. If a customer feels taken care of, they will spread the word and tell their friends and family. Auto service contracts are one of the best ways to improve customer satisfaction and increase referrals. When a customer doesn’t have to spend their hard-earned money on an expensive car repair because their purchase came with an extended service contract, that improves customer satisfaction. Offering your customers affordable auto protection protects them from unexpected repair and maintenance costs. Also, customers tend to be happier with the coverage they receive directly from their dealer than from third-party auto contract providers.

Customer Convenience

Lastly, if a customer needs car repairs, they don’t have to drive all over town looking for a shop that’s going to fix the problem right. As the go-to extended vehicle protection center, your customer comes to you. Any repair or maintenance work is done at the dealership, and your customer doesn’t have to spend their time trying to find someone who’ll honor the service contract. Customers like convenience. Don't make them search for a shop when you can offer them in-house services.

Dealers, are you interested in speaking with extended vehicle protection providers? Contact Freedom Warranty LLC, to learn more about the auto service contracts available and give your customers a reason to keep buying cars from you year after year.

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